Venue Crawl

First Greenville venue crawl set for February

“We have noticed over the years that more and more venues are putting together open houses, so why not combine our efforts and do them all the same day,” said Tammy Johnson, owner of High Spirits Hospitality.
Greenville County Schools

Greenville County Schools considering earlier elementary school start time

“Secondary bus riders (high school students) are regularly missing instructional time due to late-morning arrivals,” said district spokeswoman Beth Brotherton

Behind the castle walls: A look inside Super Duper Publications

Nestled in a castle on Pelham Road is Super Duper Publications, a…
Ralph Anderson

The Lives They Led: Ralph Anderson

“Life was generally difficult,” Valerie Anderson said of her father’s youth. “He used to say that he didn’t know how difficult it was because it was difficult for everybody.”
Rick Sumerel

The Lives They Led: Rick Sumerel

Greenville native Richard “Rick” Haskell Sumerel was described by his brother Jeff Sumerel as a man who was practical, generous, and supportive.
Neb Cline

The Lives They Led: Neb Cline

“My good friend Lucky introduced us when we were seniors at Greenville High School,” Joyce Cline recalled recently. When the two met, “we were 17. We got married in 1965.”
Louis Batson

The Lives They Led: Louis P. Batson Jr.

Louis P. Batson’s connection to Clemson started after he was recruited by coach Frank Howard following playing on Greenville High’s championship team.
James Whitten

The Lives They Led: James Smith Whitten

James Smith Whitten, who passed away in October, 2019, joined the Navy after being drafted into the Army.
Bill Workman

The Lives They Led: Bill Workman

During his time in office, Bill Workman added the trees down Main Street and was the first person to advocate for the removal of the Camperdown bridge.
Jerry Dempsey

The Lives They Led: Jerry Dempsey

Jerry Dempsey was instrumental in getting the University of South Carolina medical school in Greenville.
Bill Orders

The Lives They Led: Bill Orders

A lifelong resident of Greenville, Bill Orders, who passed away in July, 2019, lived his life by following two guiding principles: First was The Golden Rule; second was Romans 8:28
Bob Hassold

The Lives They Led: Bob Hassold

Bob Hassold never outgrew his playful spirit. His sons recall that when they were young, he moved the family to a farm north of Philadelphia. This was when he got the nickname “Boondock Bob.”
Greenville Technical College

Greenville Technical College announces collaboration with global technology group

The agreement allows GTC’s teachers and students to use Renishaw’s equipment in the classroom.
Beneth Jones

The Lives They Led: Beneth Jones

Throughout her life, her theater background helped her navigate her role as first lady of BJU.

Sheriff’s deputies work in schools, communities to build bridges of cooperation, understanding

The program “allows kids to interact with us as a person instead of an officer by interacting with them in a classroom setting,” Master Deputy Adrian Allen explained.