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Golf-loving writer George Kitchens pens a travel guide to the world’s...

George Kitchens, author of the new book “Golfing Across the Ponds: A Duffer’s Perspective,” is not a very good golfer. The retired physician would like you to know that upfront.

Brandon Fellow Olivia Perreault’s art captures the colors, textures of the...

Growing up in Massachusetts and Upstate New York, Olivia Perreault would often explore her family’s property and photograph, paint, and draw the things that caught her attention. Today, her botanical pieces combine her love for nature and her eye for composition.

Piedmont’s Ashland Craft advances to live performance round of ‘The Voice’

Now that she’s made it through the playoff round, Craft will have to impress the viewing audience more than the judges; her fate is up to the fan vote now.

Nancy Wright’s Greenville Underground ARTS aims to be a niche for...

“Once here, I decided to start my own group, with unrestricted exhibits and an affordable way for emerging and professional artists to exhibit their art."

For Robert Gowan, ambiguity is the key to music video production

In the video for “Blackbird Lullaby,” Rex Akins, who performs under the name Morgan of the Pines, is a haunted man.

Governor’s School, Fine Art Center founder Virginia Uldrick passes away

"Her legacy is the thousands of kids who get to pursue the arts who would never had the opportunity."

Steve Martin, Martin Short to perform at the Peace Center in...

Let’s start out with the specifics here, because once the comedic duo of Steve Martin and Martin Short began talking, we really weren’t in control anymore.

Meet 7 of this year’s participating Greenville Open Studios artists

This year’s Greenville Open Studios runs Nov. 11-12 and will feature a mind-boggling 145 artists. Here are a few that caught our eyes.

Cirque Mechanics’ ‘Pedal Punk’ is a Broadway musical-meets-steampunk convention

Think for a moment about the acrobats or daredevils you’ve seen at a Ringling Bros. show. Or the incredible contortionists you may have encountered at a Cirque De Soleil performance. Now imagine all of those daring feats — acrobats flying through the air, contortionists putting themselves in seemingly impossible positions — being performed while the stage beneath them is moving.

After discovering American Primitive guitar playing, Glenn Jones spent years cultivating...

Anyone who tells you that purely instrumental music can’t express emotion as well as a band with a singer hasn’t heard Glenn Jones play guitar. In Jones’ hands, the acoustic guitar becomes something different, almost like a paintbrush or a pen.

The appeal of a cappella group Straight No Chaser spans generations

Straight No Chaser, a nine-man a cappella group that formed at Indiana University in 1996, runs into misconceptions all the time.

For Bob Ripley, working with wood is a family affair

Bob Ripley works primarily in metals and wood, and his creations can range from an impossibly detailed and intricate portrait to a beautifully made door. It’s a combination of artistic ability and craftsmanship that he comes by naturally.

Vivian Morris gets a charge out of showing the lighter side...

At first glance, many of Vivian Morris’ creations, which she makes through a combination of woodwork and printmaking, look like animals and creatures that one might find in animated TV shows or movies.

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