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Community Journals invites you to join the largest platform of community contributors in Greenville, as we publish content from passionate voices participating in today’s narrative.

Does Community Journals accept submissions?

Our news team is committed to telling great stories and deepening our connection with the community we serve. We are locally owned and passionate about informing, connecting, and inspiring the Greenville, SC, community. We consider your voice to be a crucial part of strengthening that connection.

We do not pay for submissions. However, submissions provide authors an easy way to reach our locally invested and growing audience of over 250,000 engaged Greenvillians.

What are some examples of content I can submit?

Events & Experiences

  • Event information for our calendar
  • Press releases
  • Photos of events, experiences, and places

Editorial Submissions

  • Letters to the editor
  • Guest columns
  • Briefs for community news, events, and experiences
  • Commentary from Upstate business leaders and industry experts
  • Stories from local writers, bloggers and creators about topics you care about and think other locals would (or should) care about too.

News tips, story ideas & scoops (we’ll do the rest)

How do you evaluate a submission?

We review each submission on a case-by-case basis. Prior to submitting, our advice is to get familiar with the types of content we publish and topics we cover (though we are always open to new ideas), and the voice and style of our publications.

What will make us excited about your contribution?


Send us unique content that’s never before been published.


Writers should demonstrate relevant knowledge on a subject area.


Provide insights on Upstate industry or community trends.


Writers should make balanced, fact-based arguments. Check your facts.


300-700 words works well, and broken up with multimedia components.


We love to hear how individuals are experiencing the community — whether it’s an event, an establishment, or the impact felt by an organization.

Tips & Scoops.

What do you know that no one else does (but should)?

Photos & Art.

Don’t just tell us – show us! We need to publish art with your work.

Original, relevant, and quality photos.

Multiple options is always good.

Art, charts, infographics, Instagram and Twitter posts, and videos

are great too.Always be sure to include captions and image credits.

What we’re NOT looking for

Non-Upstate stories.

We publish news and views relevant to life in Upstate, SC.

Promotional content.

If your looking to advertise something, please click here.


Slander, libel, misrepresentation, etc. Make mom proud. Enough said.

Will you edit my submission?

Yes. All editorial submissions will be edited and formatted at our discretion, with the most common edits involving shortening or dividing the story into easy-to-consume paragraphs.

Calendar entries and press releases that meet all of the submittal form requirements will be approved (or not) as-is by the site administrator. We do reserve the right to edit event entries and press releases at our discretion for print.

How do I submit a story?

Prior to submitting a story please read our Terms of Service. We only accept electronic submissions. Please review the appropriate submission forms for editorialevents, and press releases to be sure you’re meeting and including all of the specific content requirements. Fill out the online form and submit!

When & where can I expect to see my content published?

We reserve the right to publish submitted content at our discretion. Some content may only be published digitally, while other content will run online, in our newsletters, and in print. Submissions will be considered for inclusion in Greenville Journal (including Greenville Today), Upstate Business Journal, TOWN, and At Home.

We will get back to you concerning editorial content submissions in 5-10 business days. Press releases and calendar entries that meet all of our requirements will be approved by our site administrator in a timely manner for inclusion online.

What are the specific content requirements that I need to be sure to include for consideration?

  • Be sure to fill out all the applicable submission form fields
  • Content must be submitted in a format that can be edited, No .pdf submissions.
  • Images must be in .jpg format and MUST include photo credits.

In addition, keep these specs in mind:


  • < 300 words


  • Must include organization’s logo
  • Document content must be appropriately formatted into our form fields.


  • < 75 words each (feel free to submit multiple briefs at a time)
  • Education Briefs – Must include school name, and teachers first and last name.
  • Use paragraph form when listing multiple names


  • < 600 – 700 words
  • High res photo (minimum 1 inch by 1 inch, 200 dpi) of the author
  • Short bio (be sure to include title and organization)
  • Relevant links
  • Use direct quotes from named sources whenever possible.
  • See “What will make us excited about your contribution?” for more guidelines.


  • Event titles must be < 10 words
  • Event descriptions must be < 50 words
  • Entries must be received by Monday at 5 p.m. to be considered for publication in the current week’s Journal. Submissions received after 5 p.m. on Monday will be held for the following week’s consideration.
  • Once submitted, ongoing events will be carried over as needed for print consideration.

Are there specific content areas that are more likely to get published?

No, but we wanted to give you a little insight into the content areas that Community Journals is focused on. Here’s a breakdown of some of the things we’re looking for:


  • Business
  • Government/Politics
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Energy/Sustainability
  • Retail/Hospitality


  • Opinion
  • Nonprofits
  • Sports
  • People
  • Outdoors
  • Family
  • Wellness


  • Eat/Drink
  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Travel/Leisure


  • Home/Garden
  • On the Market

Do you want to become a freelance contributor for one of the Community Journals publications?

If you’d like to become a freelance contributor for one of the Community Journals publications and contribute content on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, please contact us directly and we’d love to discuss the opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Community Journals. We can’t wait to get your content published!

You can view our Legal Agreements here.