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Upstate Beat: The heavy bliss of metal yoga

Metal Yoga classes take place at Radio Room in Greenville.
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Upstate Beat: Local band releases two EP’s this year with dramatically different sounds

Sesh’s second effort reunites songwriter Sardinha with former bandmates.
Yonrico Scott

Upstate Beat: Remembering Yonrico Scott, 1955-2019

“…He loved and lived large & taught me how to carry myself with dignity.” -Jeff Sipe, drummer
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Upstate Beat: For the records

The Greenville Record Fair takes place on Sept. 21 at Sears Recreation Center in McPherson Park.
Indigo Girls

Upstate Beat: 30 Years of Indigo

Emily Saliers and Amy Ray often choose songs that jibe with current socio-political issues for their shows, but that’s not the only way for a song to find its way into the Girls’ set.
Fall for Greenville

Upstate Beat: A chat with Fall for Greenville’s resident music geek

Josh McGee, special events coordinator for the City Of Greenville and music geek extraordinaire, talks Fall for Greenville.

Upstate Beat: In the film ‘Parallel Love,’ a punk band keeps the faith, literally

You’ve seen one documentary about a rock band, you’ve seen them all,…

Upstate Beat: Marcus King drummer Jack Ryan’s funky, jazzy side-band, The Shady Recruits

Jack Ryan still hasn’t quite gotten over the fact that the band…

Upstate Beat: Shovels, Rope, and a little bit of Blood

Charleston’s Shovels & Rope duo, Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst, have…

Upstate Beat: The Rock N’ Roll spirit of *repeat repeat

Last September at the Radio Room, the Nashville band *repeat repeat played…

Industrial-metal band Static-X roars into Greenville with a tribute to their late frontman

The resurrection of the Los Angeles industrial-metal band Static-X is one of…

Remembering Dr. John (1941-2019)

It is Thursday, June 13, 2002, around 9 p.m. I’m standing in…

Upstate Beat: Beket’s homemade gem

The first thing you’re going to notice on “Bad Form,” the new…

Upstate Beat: The exquisite hurt of JS Terry’s art-folk

There’s a heartbreaking, poetic essay that accompanies “And You Loom Over Me…

Mac McCloud sings the blues

The final track on Mac McCloud’s new album is where you need…