Nancy Wright’s Greenville Underground ARTS aims to be a niche for progressive, freethinking creatives

“Once here, I decided to start my own group, with unrestricted exhibits and an affordable way for emerging and professional artists to exhibit their art.”

Meet 7 of this year’s participating Greenville Open Studios artists

This year’s Greenville Open Studios runs Nov. 11-12 and will feature a mind-boggling 145 artists. Here are a few that caught our eyes.

Spotlights: Steven Scott Young Exhibit, Mystery Author panel, and more

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Vivian Morris gets a charge out of showing the lighter side of otherworldly beasts

At first glance, many of Vivian Morris’ creations, which she makes through a combination of woodwork and printmaking, look like animals and creatures that one might find in animated TV shows or movies.

Ken Christy lets the wood speak to him as much as he shapes it

For almost four decades, Ken Christy has been sculpting baptismal founts, crosses, liturgical lecterns, and alters from local hardwoods found in the Appalachians.

Judy Verhoeven’s elaborate collages capture everyday beauty and charm

When Judy Verhoeven decided to pursue art full time following two decades split between being a graphic designer and a stay-at-home home schooling mom, she revisited an art form that had been a staple of her adolescence.

From faded street signs to manhole covers, Sylvie Bucher examines the overlooked parts of city life

A Greenville resident since 2014, printmaker Sylvie Bucher thinks of the city as her “playground.”

Kate Furman unleashes the natural beauty of the objects she collects

Kate Furman’s work has been showcased all over the world, from Australia to the Netherlands. Many of her larger, avant-garde pieces go to her dealer in New York and are sold to art collectors and interior designers. But her focus isn’t solely on those works, as she also has an extensive collection of wearable jewelry, ranging from necklaces to brooches.

Joseph Bradley finds inspiration in everyday observation

When Joseph Bradley enrolled at Bob Jones University in 1995, he contemplated majoring in art but ultimately chose business. It wasn’t until Bradley was held up in a bank robbery during his junior year that he decided to pursue a career in painting.

Artisphere gets record number of applications for 2018 festival

Artisphere received a record high of 1,163 artist applications for 2018.

Lake City’s ArtFields competition accepting submissions

Seventeen artists from Greenville were represented in the 2017 festival.

Daniel Bare’s travels to China and Japan influence his ceramic works

On an afternoon at ceramicist Daniel Bare’s home studio in Central, an assortment of plates, bowls, jars, cups, and mugs in various stages of completion is spread across multiple tables.

Kiah Bellows brings abstract landscape paintings to Artisphere

Kiah Bellows can recall working with her hands from an early age.

Street artist David Zinn to recreate ‘Mice on Main’

Attendees at the upcoming 13th annual Artisphere presented by TD Bank will want to keep their eyes on the ground.

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