Op-Ed: It’s time for South Carolina’s leaders to talk about real issues

Now that the primary election has blessedly concluded, can we talk about some real issues here in South Carolina?

Op-Ed: Phil Noble: Why I am running for governor

I am running for governor because I believe our state government is so mired in corruption, one-party politics, and dark money that it cannot do what is right by our people.

Op-Ed: John Warren is the right choice for SC governor

Not long ago, the terms “Republican” and “conservative” were interchangeable in South Carolina.

Who’s running?: A candidate filing roundup

In what is shaping up to be a rollercoaster of a campaign season, the candidates for local political offices have all filed, and the timelines are set.

Op-Ed: Our state Legislature: comfortable or courageous?

For far too long we’ve held our elected officials to the lowest standard, not the highest. When elected officials are brought up on ethics violations, we shake our heads and say, “That’s just the way it is in Columbia.”

Op-Ed: Moving Beyond Outrage

by Bob Inglis Recently 200 former members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats,…

Op-Ed: Our government does work, but not like it should

For the past two years, I have been involved in a personal experiment of sorts to see what is actually is happening in government at the state and federal level.

Op-ed: ‘Vetting’ your June 12 primary candidates, imposing term limits with your vote

While I am very proud of my service, it is important to me that I not receive any favors for doing my job. That is not why an American serves.

Greenville’s John Warren announces run for governor as ‘political outsider’

On Monday, Upstate entrepreneur John Warren, founder and former CEO of Lima…

Lindsey Graham to hold town hall at Clemson University

The South Carolina Republican is holding a town hall on Saturday at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts at Clemson University.

Bob Inglis: The GOP must correct its errors

The GOP must address its errors before they become long-term mistakes

War of Words

With Clinton and Trump, political discourse has reach a new low

SC to Trump: Come here and talk about guns

In Trump’s typical over-the-top rhetoric, he proclaims himself the greatest defender of the Second Amendment in the history of the world.

Time for servant leaders in the Senate

Columbia is broken. Most everyone reading this will agree with that statement. Sadly, most would admit that they do not have much hope that things will get better.

Our democracy, often tested, still an example to the world

Past and Present with Courtney Tollison Hartness, Ph.D.