Photo gallery: The Squared Away – Greenville Open Studios party

See photos from The Squared Away – Greenville Open Studios party by Dove Light Photography. Open Studios is Nov. 9-10.
Open Studios

Open Studios: Meet artists Sarah and Mark Batory

“Clay doesn’t have to be this really high-class, artsy thing. Basically at the end of the day if you want to do it, you can do it.”
Jay Owens

Open Studios: Meet artist Jay Owens

Owens describes his artistic process as driving a car down a road and seeing things pass by.

Is Greenville becoming new hub for both emerging, veteran artists?

People move to Greenville for a variety of reasons—weather, housing, air quality, economy, the mountains, career opportunities. But recently, more and more people are relocating here for one big reason—the Greenville art scene.

Open Studios: Kymberly Day carves statues through unique medium

In her cramped studio, disembodied figures watch her as she paints — the top half of a centaur, a unicorn head, a distraught Mary Magdalene.

Open Studios: Tanya Stiegler transforms nature into wearable art

Translating ideas and aesthetics from nature, artist Tanya Stiegler handcrafts pieces of jewelry using a variety of materials. For her, jewelry tells stories, represents experiences, and celebrates friendships.

Open Studios: Jeffrey Leder finds peace through his art

Jeffrey Leder has lived in New York City and Puerto Rico, taught…

Open Studios: Darin Gehrke molds clay into functional designs

Blending art, education, and science, potter Darin Gehrke creates art to be used rather than simply viewed. 

Open Studios: Daniel Crawford finds inspiration from nature

Artist Daniel Crawford’s recent experience is just one example of how Greenville’s…

For Bob Ripley, working with wood is a family affair

Bob Ripley works primarily in metals and wood, and his creations can range from an impossibly detailed and intricate portrait to a beautifully made door. It’s a combination of artistic ability and craftsmanship that he comes by naturally.

Vivian Morris gets a charge out of showing the lighter side of otherworldly beasts

At first glance, many of Vivian Morris’ creations, which she makes through a combination of woodwork and printmaking, look like animals and creatures that one might find in animated TV shows or movies.

Ken Christy lets the wood speak to him as much as he shapes it

For almost four decades, Ken Christy has been sculpting baptismal founts, crosses, liturgical lecterns, and alters from local hardwoods found in the Appalachians.

Judy Verhoeven’s elaborate collages capture everyday beauty and charm

When Judy Verhoeven decided to pursue art full time following two decades split between being a graphic designer and a stay-at-home home schooling mom, she revisited an art form that had been a staple of her adolescence.

From faded street signs to manhole covers, Sylvie Bucher examines the overlooked parts of city life

A Greenville resident since 2014, printmaker Sylvie Bucher thinks of the city as her “playground.”

Kate Furman unleashes the natural beauty of the objects she collects

Kate Furman’s work has been showcased all over the world, from Australia to the Netherlands. Many of her larger, avant-garde pieces go to her dealer in New York and are sold to art collectors and interior designers. But her focus isn’t solely on those works, as she also has an extensive collection of wearable jewelry, ranging from necklaces to brooches.