Oak Hill Cafe

Oak Hill Cafe launches dinner experience Sept. 6

Oak Hill Cafe is creating a unique addition to Greenville’s dining repertoire.

Where are they now? Some restaurants announced in 2018 are still opening and some aren’t

We announced more than a dozen restaurants that were slated to open in 2018, and while many of them did, some are still in progress and others didn’t make the cut.

Greenville Tech program seeks to cultivate relationships between local farmers and chefs

The rare occurrence of six local restaurants, including Swamp Pizza, and local providers all coming together to serve dinner in one location was a result of their desire to support and raise funds for a common cause – the Sustainable Agriculture Certificate program at Greenville Technical College.

The science of farm-to-table cooking will take center stage at Oak Hill Café

“Can we eat sweet potatoes raw?” That was one of the questions…