Greenville County has new tool to address affordable housing shortage

Greenville County creates new housing fund to address affordable housing shortage.

Year in Review: The Top 5 City Stories from 2018

Unity Park is getting closer to construction. The city is getting more affordable housing. Parking and public transportation is still generating headlines. In the city of Greenville, growth and the issues surrounding it dominated the top news stories of 2018.

Castile: Greenville County can learn affordable housing lessons from other growing areas

Decades ago, Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee, were in the same position…

Former Greenville city manager Castile to head county’s affordable housing agency

Former Greenville City Manager John Castile will head the agency responsible for affordable housing in Greenville County.

Nancy Whitworth named Greenville’s interim city manager

Nancy Whitworth, who has played an integral role in Greenville’s resurgence as the head of the city’s economic development department, was named interim city manager Monday night.

Search firm helping Greenville City Council find next city manager

Texas-based executive search firm Springsted|Waters is helping Greenville City Council find the city’s next manager.

Greenville City Manager John Castile is leaving post

Castile, who was appointed Greenville’s city manager in July 2010, told City Council members that he is resigning, although he’ll stay in the job for about three months.

Governor’s School, city taking steps to protect iconic “roots tree” during construction

It’s probably the most famous tree in Greenville, or at least the…

New Verdae fire station helps Greenville Fire Department earn highest ISO rating

Construction of the new Verdae fire station, a new community risk reduction coordinator, and a new engine company with additional firefighters helped the Greenville Fire Department earn a Public Protection Class 1 designation.

Why your sewer bill is probably going to go up

Greenville residents could soon be paying a new fee to help the city fix its aging sewer lines.

Greenville’s new west side City Park takes a step forward

Greenville City Council members on Monday signaled their intent to issue revenue bonds that will be repaid with hospitality tax revenue to pay for City Park.

The Internet of Things is coming to Greenville — just not yet

The city of Greenville has reached an agreement with 20 other cities regarding the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a new buzz term that refers to the idea of equipping everyday objects with sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity so they can collect, send and receive data, thus “talking” to each other and to people. The objects that can be interconnected this way go far beyond computers and cell phones to include vehicles, buildings, factory machinery, jet engines, virtually anything.

City manager settles in

After the Greenville City Council members forced the resignation of former City…