Out of pocket: Duke Energy’s proposed rate hike hit with criticism

Public gets chance to comment on Duke Energy’s proposed rate increase during March 14 public hearing. What has Duke proposed and how will it affect you?

Greenville Zoo welcomes new Amur leopard cubs

Spoiler alert: They are adorable.

Behind the scenes, the Greenville Zoo works to save animals worldwide

The zoo has spent more than $300,000 on conservation over the last seven years.

Upstate students construct, donate canoe for Reedy River conservation

The river has experienced severe pollution since the early 1900s. Now the students hope their creation can provide a boost to local conservation efforts.

From damaged crops to polluted waterways, wild hogs wreak havoc on South Carolina

South Carolina feral pig problem causes $115 million in damage every year, according to a recent Clemson University study.

Silencing the Song Dogs

South Carolina has launched a predator control program to reduce the coyote population.

Clemson researchers race to save bats from deadly fungal disease

Clemson University researchers are on the forefront of a national effort to better understand the massive bat-off.

Greenville Zoo celebrates new baby monkey months after tragedy

New baby monkey brings smiles to the Greenville Zoo after tragic death.

The Good: Mast General Store raises funds for Upstate Forever

Mast General Store raises funds for Upstate Forever Greenville’s Mast General Store…

Historic Culbertson Mill protected

Culbertson Mill, a historic natural resource in Ware Shoals in Laurens County, is now permanently protected by a conservation agreement held by Upstate Forever.

International conservationist teams up with Hollywild Park to share stories, develop conservation plans

International conservationist Dave Johnson is visiting Hollywild Animal Park on Saturday for its Conservation Day.

National parks and the history they’ve preserved are just a drive away

The National Parks Service is celebrating its 100th birthday this year

Upstate Forever to help improve Saluda River quality

Grant funds are available to do the work for agricultural improvements that will make the waterways safe for recreational use.

Birth of an environmental activist: One word, one click at a time

Upstate Forever’s volunteer of the year, Gowensville resident Terry Schager, became an environmental activist entirely by chance.

Your land, your legacy

There’s no better time to learn about conservation agreements