Sharon Ben-Or

Local surgeon knits port pillows for cancer patients

“Every time I knit something, I feel like I’m putting a part of myself in it.” -Sharon Ben-Or

How one man inspired HOPE for the autism community

Project HOPE offers a lifespan of services for the autism community in South Carolina. Its unique, inclusive school, HOPE Academy, allows both neurotypical learners and children on the spectrum to learn in a mainstream environment.

Local YouTuber, craftsman Izzy Swan builds unique inventions

Meet Izzy Swan of Greenville, the YouTuber who builds whacky contraptions — from a rideable T-Rex powered by a drill to a clothes-folding machine.

Meet the human face behind Greenville’s cafe of 23 cats

Crazy cat lady may be an understatement. With 23 resident cats at her cafe and two cats at her home, Jennifer Bronzel cares for feline fur babies before, during, and after work.
Local archer Danielle Han

Local archer Danielle Han shoots competitively, teaches kids

Most people garden, hike, draw, or binge-watch the same two shows as hobbies, but Danielle Han shoots arrows at colorful targets in her home’s backyard.
Jerry Blassingame

Local criminal justice reform advocate offers hope for returning citizens

Now, Blassingame is a husband, father, and founder of Soteria Community Development Corporation. Soteria trains previously incarcerated men and women to lead successful, healthy lifestyles as they reenter society.