Greenville police arrest suspect in 1988 murder of Alice Haynsworth Ryan

On Oct. 8, 1988, Alice Haynsworth Ryan’s daughter found her 80-year-old mother…

Greenville police arrest suspect in Julie Valentine cold case

Through DNA technology service Parabon NanoLabs, detectives with the Greenville Police Department were able to identify and arrest the suspected mother — 53-year-old Brook Graham of 11315 Hampden Drive in Greenville — last night.

Murderer in 28-year-old cold case identified through genealogy service

Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller identified Robert Eugene Brashers as Genevieve Zitricki’s killer at a press conference Friday at Greenville’s city hall, 28 years after her murder.

Police crack cold case

Thirty-three Thanksgivings ago, Thomas George Bikas was walking home from a bar…

Police solve cold case

Greenville County Sheriff’s investigators say they’ve solved a 6-year-old murder case.

40 cold cases in Spartanburg County

  Crystal Bradshaw was getting her life back together. The 28-year-old mother…