Artist Diana Farfán

Diana Farfán transcends languages with concept-driven ceramic art

“A good person is not only the human who is good to other humans. A good person is somebody that takes care of everything that has life.” – Diana Farfán
Trina Piercy pottery

Aussie artist Trina Piercy creates pottery inspired by ‘land down under’

Born and raised in Australia, artist Trina Piercy adds hints of the rainforest she called home for 18 years to ceramic bowls, mugs, and jewelry.

Local gallery owner builds art career layer by layer

McPhail creates and sells ceramic dishes, bracelets, earrings, ornaments, and tiles to act as canvases that display her designed patterns.

Open Studios: Darin Gehrke molds clay into functional designs

Blending art, education, and science, potter Darin Gehrke creates art to be used rather than simply viewed. 

Daniel Bare’s travels to China and Japan influence his ceramic works

On an afternoon at ceramicist Daniel Bare’s home studio in Central, an assortment of plates, bowls, jars, cups, and mugs in various stages of completion is spread across multiple tables.

Art’s all in their family

Bending over backwards is something Rosa Eugene has had to work on…