Smiling can help to change your mood from gloomy to sunny. The act of smiling creates positive endorphins in your brain that actually improve your mood. Smiling is also thought to be contagious; approximately 50% of people will smile back. When you smile you spread the health benefits to those around you and it comes back to you as well. Most people find someone more attractive when they are smiling! The effects of a good smile extend past just the exterior good looks. Stress relief is another great benefit of smiling, simple as smiling a little more throughout the day releases endorphins that counteract and diminish the stress hormones. People who smile more may even live longer too, around 7 years longer than most according to one study. Releasing stress can help the heart, temporarily lower blood pressure and much more to keep you in better health longer.

Your smile is powerful so you need to make the e°ort to care for this beneficial tool you carry everywhere you go! Maintaining your dental health is key to having the best smile possible. Regular preventative hygiene appointments help to keep a healthy smile and stay ahead of issues regarding your teeth and gums before they become major problems.

We can help you to have the smile of your dreams. At Meyer Dentistry, Dr. James Meyer can assist you in determining exactly what your dream smile is. Whether it is as simple as regular visits for preventative services or a smile makeover, Dr. Meyer and the team at Meyer Dentistry would love the opportunity to help you to have the smile you will share with confidence! Call our office and reserve your time to find your best smile! Here’s to your health – keep smiling!

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