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Whether it’s entertaining a large group by the pool or settling in for a quiet night in the spa, creating the perfect atmosphere in your backyard can be a tricky balancing act—until now.

Genco Pools and Spas has been providing the best in luxury pools in the Upstate for years, and now they’ve partnered with Hayward to simplify the entire backyard experience.  Hayward’s OmniLogic Technology makes turning on lights, starting water features, changing radio stations, adjusting the ceiling fan and nearly anything electric in your backyard as easy as the press of a button.  OmniLogic is the only technology that brings all of this together in one package, allowing users to control their backyards from their phone, tablet or voice services.

Ryan Morson, regional sales director at Hayward, says OmniLogic is changing the way people use their backyards and making it easier to create the right atmosphere for any occasion.  “It allows people to push one button and make twenty different things happen at once,” Morson says.  “OmniLogic takes all of your equipment and makes them all work in harmony, seamlessly through one device.”

Homeowners who have switched to OmniLogic are overwhelmingly impressed by the cutting-edge technology.  “People are always telling us they didn’t know this was possible and they didn’t know this technology existed,” says Morson.

Instead of turning on different backyard features one by one, OmniLogic allows Genco Poolsusers to create “themes,” in which users are able to customize various combinations of their backyard experience for different events or occasions.  With one voice command, you could turn on all of your pool lights, start the water features, and turn up the radio for a party.  Another press of a button could turn on your hot tub and dim the lights for a relaxing evening.

OmniLogic, which was featured on Lifetime Channel’s “Designing Spaces,” also has automated services that can be customized to fit your daily needs.  If you want the hot tub to start up at nine o’clock every night, you can.  You can also make the lights automatically turn off at eleven o’clock or water features to run only on the weekends.  The customization with this amount of technology is limitless.

Not only does OmniLogic make the backyard experience significantly more convenient, but it also keeps homeowners safer in their own pools.  Instead of periodically checking your pool’s chemical levels, OmniLogic checks the water quality continuously.  “One of the biggest issues for pool owners is the pH level fluctuating too much,” Morson says.  “If it’s out of range for too long, the pool equipment can get damaged.”  However, this new technology alerts homeowners when the pH level is compromised and fixes the chemical make-up of the water on demand, ensuring that your pool equipment, friends and family are safe.

In a world that is increasingly moving toward automation, Hayward’s OmniLogic is on the cutting-edge of backyard technology and convenience.  Now, this innovative technology is being brought to the Upstate by the experts at Genco Pools and Spas.  It’s technology you can rely on from people you can trust, and it’s just the press of a button away.

Genco Pools

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