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story by Joel R. Linn, Principal Designer, Forest Kitchen Design Studio

There is a sea change imminent for kitchens of the near future. Can you guess what it is? It is none other than the rise of the contemporary kitchen. Many of you may ask, “What is a contemporary kitchen?” Many of you may associate “contemporary” with cold, stark, sterile, and uninviting, perhaps even wild – something only suited for the lofts of Manhattan or Los Angeles, and not our warm, sunny South Carolina. I’m here to tell you nothing can be further from the truth!

Forest Kitchen Design StudioThe future of contemporary kitchens looks functional, warm, inviting, and maybe most important of all – unique to the individual to whom it will serve. The color palettes and finish combinations are endless. Imagine classic wood species, pops of bright, joyful colors, or tranquil muted tones tastefully curated to bring classic enjoyment to real kitchen functionality.

Kitchen sales data from national manufacturers show that out of the three main style categories of kitchen – traditional, transitional, and contemporary – that traditional kitchens are no more, and now transitional and contemporary kitchens are trending on equal footing nationally. We have already been planning and selling them to our Upstate clients, so the future is now.

Forest Kitchen Design

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