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In an Amazon Prime society, almost-instant gratification in terms of: wanting, buying, receiving is no longer just popular, it’s common place. But, the one thing we’re realizing that people love more than 2-day shipping is a company that’s helping to improve our world or our society as a whole.

For years, we’ve watched these companies fall into place and receive the mass attention that they so rightfully deserve. For millennials, one of the first of these brands was Toms Shoes. The original shoe design was simple and yet created such a large impact by giving a pair of shoes to someone in need. The company exploded and now not only offers tons more shoe designs, but they also give the consumer the option of picking what cause they’d like to support with their donations.

Today, more than ever, we’re watching companies change the narrative of big business, combat societal problems, help improve the products we expose ourselves to, and work to stop many of the negatives practices wreaking havoc on our environment. Billie Razor, The Honest Company, and Clean Origin are three examples of direct-to-consumer brands doing just this.

My Billie

Let’s be honest, the hair on a woman’s body (for some reason) has always been a touchy subject. It’s like we all know it’s there, but no one wants to talk about it (especially men). And yet, companies charge 10-15% more for women’s razors. That was until Billie Razor.

Billie has crowned themselves as the first ever razor company to include the presence of women’s hair on a commercial or in their advertising. Because, let’s be honest, no one is shaving a already-shaved leg. They also priced their subscription-based razors at an extremely reasonable price. This is how it works, according to Billie:

“Your Starter Kit consists of a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder and two 5-blade razor cartridges for $9.

Ongoing, we’ll deliver four replacement blade cartridges to your door for $9 (at a frequency of your choice) so you never run out of supplies.”

Just as a point of reference, a normal package of 4 replacement razors from a popular razor brand costs around $20. Not to mention, the reviews about the quality of the Billie Razor are staggering. And as if a more affordable, excellent quality razor wasn’t enough, they’re also committed to helping others. Currently, 1% off all their revenue goes to Every Mother Counts, an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere.

You go, Billie.

Honest for All

The Honest Company became a household name quickly since the Founder is a name we’ve seen on the big screen for years: Jessica Alba. When she started to grow her family she realized that if you wanted products that were safer for your children, you often had to compromise the quality. The Honest Company was started, “Because we believe that what you put on, in and around your body matters. A lot.”

What started as baby products has quickly turned into: personal care, cleaning, vitamins, gifts, and beauty products. They also offer handy bundles of: diapers & wipes, honest essentials, organic infant formula, or health & wellness so that you can not only save, but have quality products delivered to your door.

Giving back is a huge part of their company culture and as of December 2018, The Honest Company has donated 16.9 million diamonds and 2.1 million ‘other’ products since 2012.

Clean Diamonds

One of the most exciting times in people’s lives is when they decide to commit to another and start on this journey of life, together. Commonly, that means an engagement and more often than not, an engagement means a diamond ring. And yet millions of people are still under the spell that one marketing agency created in 1947: “A diamond is forever”. This slogan was created to encourage men to buy diamonds for their significant others since diamond sales were at an all time low. But this is no secret. The De Beers website will tell you point blank, “A copywriter on the De Beers account at the advertising agency N.W. Ayer solidified the link between eternal romance and diamonds by suggesting the line ‘A diamond is forever’.”

What their website doesn’t tell you is how much this idea has destroyed our earth.

Enter lab-grown diamonds and companies like Clean Origin. Once the science around man made stones was perfected, founder of Clean Origin, Alexander Weindling, saw the potential of this 100% ethical alternative. Atomically, a lab-created diamond is the exact same as one grown beneath the earth. And, more important to many, they’re visually identical, as well. In fact, the only physical indicator that could be used to tell them apart is a microscopic inscription on the bottom of a lab-grown diamond.

Weindling’s goal was simple: be on the right side of history. A diamond might be forever, but our environment isn’t. Especially if we continue the unethical and destructive practices that must be used to excavate a diamond from the earth.

Our society might love the idea of quick and free, but more and more companies are showing us that quality products + social responsibility = more worthwhile brands to connect with and support.

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