By John DeWorken

The Greenville we know and love today is marked with tree-lined streets, children playing in our parks, adults strolling through our neighborhoods, abundant art all around us, and a vibrant downtown that is the envy of other communities. Business and commerce are robust, where innovation and entrepreneurism thrive and local small businesses fill our commercial corridors and Main Street.

Greenville’s unique quality of life is attracting more and more people to move here each day. However, as a result of that growth, issues must be addressed so that we do not make the same mistakes that cities like Atlanta have made.

My name is John DeWorken and I am running for Greenville City Council because I have a plan to ensure the Greenville we know and love today will be a Greenville our children and grandchildren will love tomorrow.

In order to do that, I am committed to focusing on championing neighborhoods, approaching growth in a balanced manner and supporting a strong economy and small businesses.

Balanced Growth

How do we avoid making the same mistakes that Atlanta made years ago?  How do we avoid suffocating the very people who live in our neighborhoods with ill-advised growth? How do we avoid high-density overdevelopment?

Balance is key.  With years of experience taking on tough issues, I will make sure growth complements our neighborhoods. I will work to find traffic solutions and implement tougher standards for apartment developments. I will use my experience in public transportation policy and as vice chair of the Greenville Transit Authority to support housing and affordability issues. And, I will continue championing our commercial corridors to ensure they don’t become industrial corridors.

Most importantly, I will work with others to ensure growth is balanced. 

Championing Neighborhoods

A charming neighborhood is like your health.  If you ignore it, it will go away.  And, as former neighborhood association president, I fully understand that neighborhoods must be championed at City Hall.

On [City] Council, I will work to slow cars down, create safer crosswalks for our kids, fund more sidewalks, support law enforcement to keep us safe, discourage overcrowded development and invest in our neighborhood parks and green spaces.

My learning curve on these issues is small. Most recently, we fought off an ill-advised storage facility; we pushed the city to improve the North Main Rotary Park; and we are working to improve pedestrian safety along major corridors.

Small Businesses and A Strong Economy

I have spent my professional life advocating for good jobs and small businesses. As such, I understand the role local government can play in creating the right environment to promote a strong economy. As a member of City Council, I will support small businesses, be a strong voice for entrepreneurship and innovation, and work to recruit professional jobs to Greenville.

My name is John DeWorken and I ask for your vote on November fifth.

John DeWorken is the Republican candidate for the Greenville City Council District 1 seat.

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