Are you tired of seeing all of the photos and videos of other people doing fun activities? Want to get out and see more of what the U.S. has to offer? It’s time for you to plan an exciting trip and experience the thrill that traveling has to offer.

There are a lot of different websites out there who claim they can get you the cheapest airfare available. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best and cheapest direct flights from Greenville Spartanburg airport for the month of April!*

* Remember that flight pricing constantly changes, so the prices you see here may vary depending on when you look.

1. Florida

Springtime is one of the most dazzling times to visit Florida. Not only is the weather incredible, but the landscapes and ocean views are spectacular as well. Not to mention, Florida has a bunch of Spring festivals for you to go to once you get there. Miami has the Fairchild Gardens Spring Garden Festival and St. Petersburg (fly into Tampa to visit) has the 1000 Lights Water Lantern Festival. Florida has so much for you to see and could make for a relaxing spring weekend trip!


Flight Info


Leave on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday for flights as low as $18.


Leaving on a Tuesday or Thursday can get you flights as low as $36.

Fort Lauderdale

Prices vary if you want to go here, but the lowest is around $52.


A bit more expensive than the others, Tuesdays are your cheapest flight days with prices around $60.


2. Colorado

People rave about Colorado in the winter, but what about Colorado in the spring? It may be known as mud season, but don’t let the name fool you—there is exquisite beauty and plenty of activities throughout Colorado in the springtime—not to mention it’s cheaper! Whether you decide to mountain bike, hike, or explore the endless shops, Colorado is a state you need to visit.


Flight Info


Mondays and Fridays bring cheaper flights with the lowest being around $65


3. Georgia

Visiting Georgia in the spring is like constantly walking through a botanical garden. The numerous flowers are in full bloom, enrapturing you in the brightness and simplicity of a Georgia spring. Take advantage of the stunning State parks, or mosey on through the various festivals—take a walk through all of the mesmerizing artwork at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival.


Flight Info


The second week of April looks like a good time to take this trip—prices are between $80 to $110.


4. Michigan

Michigan is full of glorious views and calming locales. When winter finally releases its grip on Michigan, the landscapes come to life. Whether you decide to stay in diverse Detroit or full-of-foliage Ann Arbor, there are so many places for you to stay and see in Michigan.


Flight Info


A bit more expensive but a wonderful price for the distance, you can find flights as low as $111.

5. Texas

There is so much to do in Texas in the springtime. The wildflowers you’ll see as you drive between locations is reason enough to come! If you’re looking for an outdoorsy vacation, go to Texas. There is sure to be activities and destinations to suit everybody’s taste.


Flight Info


The last of the decently cheap flights, these prices range from $180 to $250.
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