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U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley has nominated another former governor to lead a program that’s distributing food to millions across the world.

On Monday, Haley, who left her post as South Carolina governor last month to join the Trump administration, selected David Beasley to lead the United Nations’ World Food Programme. Beasley, a Republican, was elected South Carolina governor in 1994. Since leaving office, Beasley has worked on several humanitarian and public policy projects. 

“In business, he developed a reputation for honesty and integrity that carried over into his career in public service. … In elected office, he mastered management, fundraising, and communication,” Haley wrote in a letter this week to U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

“Most importantly, in his recent peace-building and development work, he honed the skills of international diplomacy, with an eye toward lifting up the vulnerable and disadvantaged,” Haley wrote.

The World Food Programme is the world’s largest humanitarian organization that delivers food to more than 90 million people in 80 countries, according to the U.N. agency’s website. It is headquartered in Rome.

Haley said the food program faces “formidable challenges in its mission to end hunger and malnutrition,” listing corruption, terrorism, and natural disasters as obstacles to feeding struggling populations across the world.

  1. Well, it appears that there never are or will be graduates from the World Food Program. The west will keep on pouring $ into this organization and vulnerable populations will keep on expanding at breathtaking pace. Western politicians will continue to be held hostage to the possibility of not doing enough to tackle an impending famine; while the throwing of billions of dollars in ‘combatting hunger’ ceterus paribus will only result in more mouths of feed and potentially more catastrophic famines in years to come. Moreover, this organization will continue to be in direct competition with ngos and ingos in the provision of food/cash vouchers; and remain a favorite fundraiser for despotic and/or corrupt governments.

    Rather than any change in ‘executive leadership’, what is required is an independent, very well-funded accountability office to investigate and report directly to the public on the UN and its plethora of agencies.

  2. You are right that we should focus on reducing vulnerability and enhancing local food production, which is being undermined by Western governments with tax payers’ money dumping their surpluses on Africans thereby distorting markets. Climate change is also a major factor undermining food production in Africa and the Middle East. But until these issues are fixed, we need food aid to ward off famines. And WFP has proven itself to be the most effective and efficient organization, working on a much larger scale and lower overheads that any NGO/INGO.

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