Gateway Project
The I-85/385 Gateway Project is expected to transform the Upstate’s driving experience, as it includes much-needed additions to the overall regional transit structure. Photo provided.

All new lanes of traffic for the history making 85-385 Gateway Interchange Project are expected to be open by the end of this quarter, which means the project is substantially complete.

Though the the project was expected to be completed in 2019, SCDOT believes the final completion of the project will happen in 2020. However, it should be noted that much has been accomplished since the project first started over three years ago.

Third quarter 2019 highlights include:

  • Switched I-385 SB traffic off the remaining section of the old bridge onto new I-385 bridge over I-85
  • Demolished the old I-385 bridge over I-85
  • Moved I-85 SB  Exit 51 A, B & C to Proposed Final Configuration entrance
  • Shifted I-85 NB collector/distribution lane traffic to the right allowing for final phase of I-85 NB collector/distribution construction
  • Completed the Roper Mountain bridge over I-85
  • Shifted the I-385 SB Woodruff Road Exit south of Garlington Road
  • Continued re-surfacing the I-85 mainline
  • Shifted I-85 NB onto the new outside widening, which allows for inside shoulder construction activities
  • Construction continued on Woodruff, Garlington and Miller roads
  • Opened all main lanes on I-385 NB
Closer look at the Gateway Project. Photo from Gateway Project.

Fourth quarter 2019 anticipated highlights:

  • Completion of all bridge structures
  • Opening of the I-85 SB to I-385 SB flyover bridge
  • Completion of all wall structures
  • Completion of I-85 median and opening of all I-85 NB lanes through to Pelham Road
  • Multiple traffic shifts on 385 SB to complete concrete pavement
  • Resurfacing on I-85 and I-385
  • Opening of all Interstate lanes and interchange ramps in final configuration
  • Completion of work on Roper Mountain Road
  • Continued construction on Woodruff, Garlington and Miller roads
Ongoing construction with the Gateway Project. Photo from Gateway Project.

What is the Project scope?

It’s been more than three years since the project started and with so much work finished, now is a good time to remind people of everything completed and planned:

  • The tight loop ramps will be eliminated and flyovers will be constructed in order to provide free flowing directional movement
  • A portion of I-385 will be widened to three lanes
  • The interchange improvements will include collector-distributor lanes
  • A section of I-85 North and South of the interchange will be rehabilitated, including cross slope correction
  • I-85 will be widened to four lanes from the interchange north bound to Pelham Road
  • There will be work performed on Chrome Drive and Roper Mountain Road, replacing the bridge over I-85
  • There will be improvements to Woodruff Road
    • This will include auxiliary lanes, signal retiming and intersection improvements
  • Ten new bridge structures will be constructed
  • Two bridges will be rehabilitated/widened (Garlington Road overpass bridges)
  • Substructure modifications will occur at the Woodruff Road overpass bridge

You can visit their website to stay up-to-date with the project.

Have questions or concerns about the Gateway project? They are always available via email, or a hotline, 1-888-862-4824.

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