Astronauts could turn waste into hydrogen peroxide with help of Clemson University research

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Sudeep Popat, an assistant professor of environmental engineering and earth sciences at Clemson University, is developing ways of making hydrogen peroxide for use on space missions. He plans on feeding human waste to microbial fuel cells that will in turn produce hydrogen peroxide, a plan that will benefit astronauts who have little space and resources at hand.

Additionally, Popat thinks it will be possible to use the hydrogen peroxide to disinfect wastewater for reuse, and maybe it could also produce small amounts of excess energy that could be used elsewhere in the spacecraft. Popat became interested in conducting this research while working on his Ph.D. at the University of California, Riverside, but began his research as a postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University. 

“I got to work with a couple of leading scientists who work in this area while doing my postdoc at Arizona State University,” Popat said. “From then on, I learned a lot about the technology and started looking at ways in which it could be tweaked to produce chemicals of interest rather than electrical power.”

NASA has already backed Popat’s research with $750,000 in the hopes of further advancing this new technology.


Red Shoe Society to host Greenville Royale in September

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The Red Shoe Society will host The Greenville Royale from 7:30-11 p.m. Sept. 13 at Larkin’s at 211 E. Broad St. There will be food, live entertainment, silent auctions, and a photo booth, all of which will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas. Additionally, the band Steel Toe Stiletto will be playing.

Early bird tickets are on sale now and sponsorship opportunities are available.


Local author and RMHCC work together on book

local author
The book “Journey to Waswillbeland” is available now. Image provided.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Carolinas and local author Frederick Baus have partnered to create a story chronicling the stages of grief to eventual joy and reminiscence when losing a loved one. The book, “Journey to Waswillbeland,” aims to provide guidance to families with children in the hospital. 

Copies are available for $20.

Purchase the book online.


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