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Five Forks, an affluent and quickly growing suburb located in Greenville County covers an approximate 8 square mile area of what is officially considered Simpsonville. Even though Five Forks has no formal municipal government it is considered, locally as well as nationally, as an official “suburban area” of Greenville. The area got it’s name due to the five roads that split off of Woodruff Road, including one that is actually called Five Forks Road.

The Five Forks area has experienced a 75% increase in population over the last 20 years

Officially it is known as a census-designated place (CDP), a populated area that generally includes one officially designated but currently unincorporated community, for which the CDP is named. In the early 90s the Five Forks area was nothing more than a very rural area with just a crossroad at its center, but over the last few years that crossroad area has become anything but rural. Now a mecca of shopping, dining and entertainment choices the Five Forks area has doubled in population more than once over the last twenty years.

Best Places to Live in South Carolina – Ranked #1

With an influx of residential developments in the area, highly rated schools, convenience to major highways, downtown Greenville and several major area employers the Five Forks area has become one of the hottest real estate areas in Greenville County. According to the median home value in the Five Forks area is $282,400 with an astounding 91% of residents owning their home. also ranked Five Forks as the number 1 (of 190) best places to live in South Carolina, and number 2 (of 190) best places to raise a family in South Carolina. With a median household income of $100k+ and a lower than average cost of living it’s no wonder people continue to flock to the area.

As of publication, approximately 134 properties are listed for sale with an average sales price of $351,000+.

Source: ESRI Streetmap USA



  • 17,500+/- people
  • 33.2% growth since 2010
  • 75.3% growth since 2000
  • 37.9 median age
  • 8.1% are veterans
  • 58% between 18 to 64
  • 97% are U.S. Citizens
  • 86.9% family households
  • 60% with Bachelor’s or higher
  • 2.5% living below poverty line
  • 2,311 people per sq. mile


  • 2.9% unemployment rate
  • 4.91% job growth
  • $113,405 median household income


  • $282,400 average home value
  • $1,441 average rent
  • 3% vacancy rate
  • 89% lived in the same location for 2+ years
  • $1641 median property tax
  • 3.3 people per household
  • 6,000 +/- housing units
  • 97% single family homes
  • 91% owner occupied


  • 48 inches average rainfall
  • 3 inches average snowfall
  • 221 average sunny days
  • 75 average high
  • 45 average low

The List: Five Forks Area

The List Homepage, with properties available throughout the Upstate

Places: Profiles of other communities in and around Greenville, SC


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