The Name:

Keowee is a Cherokee name roughly translated as “place of the mulberries.”


The lake covers approximately 18,372  acres of land. It is approximately 26 miles long, 3 miles wide and has an average depth of 54 feet.

300 Miles:

Lake Keowee boasts approximately 300 miles of shoreline. The southern end of Lake Keowee is ideal for potential residents who are looking to be closer to creature comforts (the southern end is closer to towns and cities) or even a more developed residential style neighborhood. The northern end of Lake Keowee typically provides a lower density population both on and off the lake.

Cooling and Hydro:

Lake water helps to cool Duke Energy’s three nuclear reactors located at the Oconee Nuclear Station and the force of falling water helps generate hydroelectric power as well.

Christmas Tree:

Lake Keowee is often compared to the shape of a Christmas tree, with its main channel and many side channels/coves to either side.


Located in both Pickens and Oconee counties in South Carolina, and offers gorgeous mountain vistas.

Jumping Rock:

Unofficially, the place known as Jumping Rock is a 30-foot boulder on the lake where more often than not you can find boaters stopped to watch others swim to shore and jump off the massive boulder into the lake.

Waterfall Cove:

A favorite place on Lake Keowee for boaters to drop anchor and simply enjoy the cove and the sounds of the waterfall.

Keowee/Toxaway State Park:

The State Park is located on the northern end of Lake Keowee, and encompasses 1,000 acres offering great hiking, waterfalls and views of the lake. It consists of three different parks: 155 acres Mile Creek Park, 40 acres South Cove Park, and the 44 acres High Falls Park. An additional 373 acres known as Eastotoe Park is managed by the South Carolina department of Natural Resources as a natural wildlife preserve.

$700 Million:

The initial cost of construction, building and flooding of the lake.

Lake Keowee Dam:

Lake Keowee Dam measures 3,500 feet in length, 800 feet wide at its base, and 20 feet wide at the top. It is 20 feet higher than the Little River dam, and 215 feet lower than the Lake Jocassee Dam.

1971 & 1973:

The Keowee hydro station began operation in 1971 and the Oconee Nuclear Site was completed and began operation in 1973.


The lake has three types of bass –  largemouth, smallmouth and spotted –  as well as crappie, bluegill, yellow perch, catfish, brown trout and rainbow trout.


There are nine public boat ramps located on Lake Keowee – Cane Creek, Crowe Creek, Fall Creek, High Falls, Keowee Town landing, Mile Creek, South Cove, Stamp Creek and Warpath Access.

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