According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, private donations from individuals, foundations, and businesses totaled $410.02 billion in 2017. This was the largest single year for private charitable giving—but we can do better.

There are nonprofits all over the United States that are devoted to helping specific causes. Here are some nonprofits that are making a difference in Greenville.

A Child’s Haven

Who they are:

This is not your typical daycare program. They are a behavioral health program. A Child’s Haven gives support, guidance, and love to children with developmental delays. They’re also only one of three therapeutic child care centers in South Carolina. Accomplishments in FY 2017:

  • 114 Children received therapeutic services in FY
  • 96% of caregivers reported that they feel more confident in their parenting skills after program services
  • 98% of families reported that their expectations of provided services were met and/or exceeded

Einstein Academy

einstein acadamyWho they are:

Einstein Academy is a private, non-profit school that supports and provides for students (fourth through eighth grade) with learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD, and Autism spectrum disorders. They work to give the students a non-traditional and personal learning program. This program helps children develop the tools they need for lifelong learning.

Important Information:

  • Class ratio is no more than 8:1
  • The Academy is a safe and empowering place where students are encouraged to be themselves
  • Judgement-free

Mentor Upstate

Who they are:

Mentor Upstate goes above and beyond to give children the extra support they need to succeed. They promote and develop mentoring programs in schools and after-school programs. Each mentor establishes an influential and long-lasting relationship with their respective student.


  • Now partner with over 100 schools in 6 counties
  • Reach over 1,000 students

Mill Village Farms

mill village farmsWho they are:

Mill Village Farms began in 2012 when volunteers broke ground on a new urban farm plot. Simply, what they want is to build small, sustainable, organically managed farms to promote holistic development within the community. They also have youth crew members wherein kids, ages 14-18, learn leadership, teamwork, and basic job skills.

What they do:

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