Moneyball Mule | Fluor Field

There’s no more iconic summer activity than heading to the stadium for a baseball game. Pair that pastime with a sweet cocktail from Dark Corner Distillery now available at Fluor Field during Greenville Drive games. The Moneyball Mule is Dark Corner Distillery Mountain Peak Espresso Rum, freshly squeezed lime juice, and ginger beer to taste.

Moneyball Mule
Moneyball Mule. Photo provided.

Grilled chicken sandwich | Woodside Bistro

Sweet doesn’t have to mean dessert. Take a summer sandwich special from Woodside Bistro, for instance. Grilled chicken, cranberry chutney, brie, bacon, and lettuce on brioche with sweet potato fries hits all the right sweet notes with a nice balance of tart from the cranberries and smoky from the bacon.

Grilled chicken sandwich
Photo by Will Crooks.


The Sour Patch Kid | Roost

Similar to a strawberry Aperol spritz, this cocktail found by request only at Roost is a perfect patio pounder. Mixologist Zachary Calfee combines Kettle One rosé vodka, Aperol, strawberry puree, lemon juice, a splash of simple syrup, and sparkling rosé to create a sour, yet refreshing, summer beverage.

The Sour Patch Kid
Photo by Will Crooks | Greenville Journal

Bademjan | Pomegranate on Main

Stew in the summer? Yes, without question. Bademjan from Pomegranate on Main is a celebration of summer ingredients — sautéed eggplant slow-cooked in a tomato-based stew with sour grapes. Used extensively in Persian cuisine, sour grapes are unripe grapes pickled and jarred for use throughout the year. That authentic sour flavor is a catching trend across the country.

Photo provided.


Escape (the Piña Colada drink) | Luna Rosa

Italian-style cocktails aren’t the only specialty at Luna Rosa’s new bar on Main Street. Greenville’s queen of the rum and Luna Rosa bar manager, Jeni Blyth, has created a frozen piña colada with quite the kick on the finish. The ingredients: toasted coconut-infused Plantation pineapple rum, fresh pineapple juice, cream of coconut, fresh lime juice, and Carolina Reaper tincture.

Photo by Jeni Blyth.

Charred tomato bisque | The Burrow

Again, hot food in this heat? When it’s tomato-based and in peak tomato season, don’t let the temperature deter you. The fire-roasted tomatoes in this soup at The Burrow are less sweet, and a spicy, lingering heat that’s just right makes it nearly impossible to put your spoon down.

Charred tomato bisque
Photo by Ariel Turner | Greenville Journal

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