12 last meals
Photo by Brick Street Cafe
Megan Baxter’s series, “12 Last Meals in Greenville,” documents the food lover’s farewell to our city. Check back each week for the next installment.

Brick Street Café | Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet potato cake has a sneaky way of sounding like health food, like something your gym buddy might recommend as an alternative dessert. But don’t let that fool you. Sweet potatoes are the subterranean sugar producers of the South. They are grown quickly here, red in the red soil, their tubers expanding underground in the unwavering heat of the long summer.

Brick Street Café’s sweet potato cake is a monument to this root’s delicious possibilities. Its cakes are tall and simple, dressed only in a thick coat of wavy buttercream. The height is impressive given the moist texture of the cake. Anyone who has tried to stack cake knows how the stuff buckles and warps. But Brick Street’s sweet potato cake stands up, unadorned, completely not-fussy, just waiting for a slice of the knife to reveal its bright orange color.

Megan’s last meal

Brick Street’s sweet potato cake. Photo provided

I’d planned to enjoy my final slice of sweet potato cake in Fall’s Park, but the weather had other ideas. As we pulled into the small lot near Brick Street Café, a thunderstorm broke over Greenville, darkening the sky in all directions.

The cake slices at Brick Street are meal-sized. Our pieces were set on their sides in plastic clamshells and bagged up with plastic cutlery. Back home we ate our cake out of the to-go boxes, forking off each bite carefully. In the soft heart of the center, I could taste just the faintest memory of the potato’s underground midsummer sugar. The cake felt like it had grown out of this place, a native delicacy. Sometimes the best meals start and end at dessert.

What to order

Brick Street Fresh Fruit Plate                                                                                                        Savory walnut chicken salad, fresh fruit

Shrimp and Grits                                                                                                                              A Southern favorite

Miss Sara’s Crab Cakes (dinner only)                                                                                        Just plain GOOD! Remoulade and corn salsa

Cakes & Pies 
Sweet potato cake, “The Best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had,” 24 Karot Cake, James’ peanut butter pie, and more

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