Twelve last meals in Greenville
Maultasche, a traditional German dish. | iStock photo by Magann

Schwaben House

Photo by Schwaben House.

Schwaben House sits on a slight rise off Laurens Road, outside the foodie bustle of Main Street. It serves German food, elevated and refined beyond the typical beer garden brats. I realized during my first weeks in Greenville that the city had a large international population. The booming engineering and automotive industries recruit staff from all over the world, and these newcomers bring their food cultures with them. This creates a vibrant, international culinary scene that extends way beyond traditional Southern fare.

Megan’s last meal  

The first bite of the evening was an amuse-bouche of pork with sharp mustard and tangy pickle. It tasted like the fanciest hotdog I have ever eaten, and I loved it. We ordered a mini-raclette to start; the cheese was perfectly melty. It was spread on slices of baguette, which I topped with a bit of pomegranate sauce to cut the richness of the cheese.

Mini-Raclette, Steak Special With Maultasche & Spätzle 

Sauerkraut and cabbage. | Photo by iStock // Zeleno.

For my main course, I ordered a steak special, which came with maultasche and sauerkraut. Maultasche was described on the menu as “ravioli,” but it more resembles perfectly stacked meat fillings folded in pasta. Inside, layers of ground pork, onions, and seasoning were stacked so densely that when I cut them, I could see each stripe. The steak was covered with mushrooms and grilled to a char. I added forks of sauerkraut and crispy onions to each piece of steak, shopping for flavors from around my plate.

We finished our celebration with a slice of chocolate cake, topped with semi-sweetened whipped cream. Our waitress wished us a good night in German and delivered the bill to the table in a small, ornately carved wooden book. It reminded me of the box the huntsmen would have used to present the evil queen with Snow White’s heart. This last touch conjured up all the magic of German fairy tales. We had fallen under the spell cast by Greenville’s finest German restaurant.

What to order

  • Maultaschen Special (appetizer)                                                                                      Maultasche, Gruyere and Swiss cheese, balsamic glaze
  • Wiener Schnitzel                                                                                                                      Breaded pork loin served with potato salad and house salad
  • Schwaben Pfanne                                                                                                                    Pork medallions served on cheese spätzle, fresh mushroom sauce, and house salad
  • Potato Lasagne (gluten free)                                                                                            Sauce Bolognese, potato, vegetable, sauce béchamel, salad
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