Greenville butcher
Jeremy Webb of Revival Butchery holds up one of his French-cut prime rib roasts. Photo by Evan Peter Smith

On cooking duty for Christmas this year? Don’t fret.

We stopped by Revival Butchery in the Village of West Greenville, where master butcher Jeremy Webb educated us on the best cuts of meat for that all-important Christmas dinner.

With five kids of his own under the age of 8, Webb knows the stress that comes with preparing the family’s holiday dinner. He also knows his meats, having worked in the butchering business since he was 16 years old.

In 2018, inspired by the classic family-run butcheries he experienced during his travels in France, he started Revival Butchery on Pendleton Street, where he fuses old world techniques with modern creativity. Sure, he had to sell his classic ’71 Ford pickup to pay for the massive meat freezer in which his cuts are now on display, but in his words, “Oh man, was it worth it.”

Here are Webb’s can’t-lose picks for Christmas dinner.

On the fancier side

Prime rib roast

Elegant and crowd-pleasing, a classic French-cut (meaning the bones are exposed) prime rib roast is a sure bet. Webb said the prime rib roast pairs great with all sorts of vegetables and perhaps a nice red wine sauce. Going with the French cut means you’ll have a few servings of gourmet ribs as well, perfect for finger food.

Stuffed tenderloin

The ultimate country club dish, a fine cut of tenderloin will make your family feel like a bunch of aristocrats for the night — perfect for when your judgmental in-laws are in town. Webb said the meat will be so tender, it won’t really matter what seasoning or vegetables you pack inside it. The result will be restaurant-quality regardless.

On the cheaper side

Lamb shanks

Webb said this is the most underrated part of the lamb, and provides a surprisingly rich flavor. The shanks will also be a cheaper option than lamb chops. Simply season to your heart’s desire and slow cook the meat in a crock pot or the oven. You’ll be left with meat so tender it falls off the bone.

Crown pork roast

The most carnivorous-looking dish you can find, the aptly named crown pork roast appears super fancy but really isn’t. Essentially, it’s the fancy version of pork ribs. And, Webb said, it’s great for picky eaters and foodies alike.

Take a risk


Your grandparents may have fond memories of bringing home pheasant to cook for Sunday dinner, but for the modern eaters, this tasty bird is somewhat less understood. Webb said a pheasant can be roasted just like a whole chicken, and is best served with roasted veggies. Just be sure to soak the bird in a brine overnight before roasting to keep it nice and juicy.

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