Jesse Van Note, owner, The Whale (left) and Travis Armour, general manager, Husk (right) Photo by Dove Light Photography

Two establishments in Greenville’s historic West End are teaming up to bring in more customers and showcase what their pocket of downtown has to offer.

Their strategy?


Twice a month, the culinary minds of Husk are setting up shop inside The Whale taproom and bottle shop to serve the restaurant’s signature Southern-style fried chicken. The so-called “Chicken and Beer Takeover” seemed like a no-brainer, according to Husk’s general manager Travis Armour.

“Fried chicken is quick and easy to serve,” Armour said, “and obviously it goes really well with beer.”

The Whale, an Asheville original, opened its Greenville location over the summer not far from Husk’s spot on Main Street. Featuring a rotating list of some of the best craft beer around, along with wine, mead, saki and non-alcoholic options, the taproom and bottle shop complements Husk’s near-religious focus on high-quality ingredients, according to The Whale’s owner Jesse Van Note.

“I feel like Husk does for food what we do for beer,” Van Note said. “So this is a good way to collaborate between the two spaces. People can come out, drink some beer and taste some great fried chicken, without having to get all dressed up.”

Husk’s fried chicken is usually served only during its lunch and brunch menu, so the fried chicken takeover nights at The Whale offer the only chance to try it after hours.

“People can come out, drink some beer and taste some great fried chicken, without having to get all dressed up.” – Jesse Van Note, owner, The Whale
Photo by Dove Light Photography

But more than just a good combination of flavors, Van Note said the collaboration between The Whale and Husk signifies what makes the West End a unique spot downtown. Compared with North Main Street, the West End’s relative isolation has fostered a more supportive mindset amongst the food and beverage establishments operating there.

“It’s a little further, but people are making the trip,” Van Note said. “Come by and check us out.”

The next Chicken and Beer Takeover will be Wednesday, Nov. 20 at The Whale.


Husk’s fried chicken recipe

Use only meat from happy, humanely raised chickens

  1. Cut the chicken into drumsticks and thighs
  2. Soak the chicken overnight in a sweet tea brine, which will impart flavor and allow the meat to caramelize upon frying
  3. After brining, pack the chicken in flour and buttermilk overnight to let the flour soak up the juices
  4. Re-flour the chicken and fry the pieces in canola oil
  5. After frying, drizzle a combination of five fats – rendered chicken fat, pork fat, ham fat, bacon fat and butter – over the chicken.
  6. Dust each piece with a hot sauce powder to give the chicken heat
  7. Serve with a biscuit or corn bread, pickles and house-made butter, alongside a crispy, cold pilsner beer, and enjoy.
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