Pamela and David Evette may have backed into their life together, but it all seems to be working out just fine. The couple met through the PEO (professional employer organization) industry, when Pamela was working as a consultant and David was looking to break into the business. Together they launched Quality Business Solutions in 2000, and soon realized they were meant to be more than just business partners.

“We started the business together first, and then we got married,” Pamela says.

The only question was where Pamela, born and bred in Ohio, and David, a Taylors native, would consolidate households. Both Cleveland and the upstate of South Carolina were promising growth areas for QBS, an outsource provider of human resource and benefit solutions, but things were moving a little faster down south and that tipped the scales.

David also happened to have family land in Travelers Rest where the Evettes were able to make their home, as well as carve out an acre or so for an office. They share a love of horses, and built a beautiful barn behind the original office.

“God had a bigger dream for us than we could dream for ourselves,” Pamela says, explaining that as QBS continued to grow the beautiful barn eventually became beautiful offices.

Today Quality Business Solutions processes payroll for clients in 48 states, the largest of which has roughly 48,000 employees.

“Taking on a client like that has made us a better company. We looked hard at what we do and ramped up our technology and security,” Pamela says. “We used that big growth push to enhance all our services and that’s benefited all our clients across the board.”

Between full and part-time employees the QBS team totals 33, and Pamela and David have worked hard to foster a team, not a hierarchy.

“There’s not one person in this building whose job is more important than another,” Pamela says of her management style. “We all sink or swim as a unit.”

Sometimes that means Pamela and David are in the trenches sealing checks to get them out the door on time, and the end result is a true sense of workplace camaraderie. Pamela says she realized they had built something special when they started looking around at possible locations to expand and realized their staff was gradually moving closer to the office. So they decided to stay put, and wave to the horses from the window.

Quality Business Solutions, 280 Handyman Road, Travelers Rest, 864.834.3985,

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