story by Kevin Dehlinger, Executive Director, SPORTSCLUB FITNESS & WELLNESS 

Exercise is medicine.  This statement has never been proven truer than now. Exercise is prescribed by physicians more than any drug in the marketplace. Physicians, dieticians, physical therapists, nurses, and a host of other medical professionals all unequivocally agree that exercise is one of the most important aspects of any individual’s care.

People who take part in physical activity for just 30 minutes a day, three times a week see dramatic improvements in their health.  These individuals often see a significant reduction in health ailments and chronic diseases, obesity, dependency on prescription medications, reduced healthcare costs, and most importantly, are more likely to live a longer.

Several studies by reputable institutions such as the Center for Disease Control and the World Health organization have verified the benefits of exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine even promotes a worldwide initiative called “Exercise Is Medicine”, which aims to encourage doctors to include exercise prescriptions as part of disease treatments.

People who take part in physical activity for just 30 minutes a day, three times a week see dramatic improvements in their health.

SportsclubRecently, two more studies were released continuing to strengthen the connection between exercise and improved health.  The first study was published by British Journal of Sports Medicine in December of 2018, conclusively found that drugs and exercise lowered blood pressure at nearly the same rate.  A second study was published in February by the Mayo Clinic.  This study concluded exercise was slightly superior in promoting fat loss as compared to drugs. As Dr. Ian Neeland, who oversaw the study, concluded, “lifestyle changes such as exercise should be the first step” when improving one’s health.

What do all these facts mean to you? It means you have the option of taking a handful of chemicals each day or exercising 1.5 hours a week.  It means that choosing exercise instead of pharmaceuticals will make you healthier without the side effects of chemicals.  It means you and your family are significantly more likely to live a longer and healthier lives with fewer health ailments and reduced obesity when you exercise.

Before making any decisions about changing your medication regiment or lifestyle changes, the first thing you must do is talk to your doctor.  Doctor’s care is a critical and necessary component to managing your health. After speaking with your doctor, consider Sportsclub’s Physician Referred Exercise Program (p.r.e.p.) to begin your lifestyle change.

Physician Referred Exercise Program

Sportsclub’s Physician Referred Exercise Program (p.r.e.p.®) is the perfect place to start a lifestyle change.  p.r.e.p.® is one of Sportsclub’s premier programs designed to take down all the barriers to exercise and welcome participants in a comforting and unintimidating environment.

Who needs p.r.e.p.®?  Someone who just needs to get off the couch! Someone who has borderline diabetes or help controlling their diabetes.  Someone who has blood pressure issues and cholesterol issues.  Someone who is preparing for joint replacement surgery or has finished physical therapy.  Someone who is preparing to have a baby or just had a baby.  p.r.e.p.® is an excellent program for just about anybody who has been cleared by a physician for physical exercise.

Sportsclub’s p.r.e.p.® medical fitness professionals will work with you to design a workout that addresses specific goals you and your physician would like you to accomplish. Then our p.r.e.p.® nationally certified trainers will meet with participants twice per week in small groups for the next 60 days to guide you towards meeting these goals.  The best part, p.r.e.p.® is just $60 for 60 days and membership is not required.  In fact, for the entire 60 days you are in p.r.e.p. you will have access to the amenities at all three of Sportsclub’s locations.



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