Eating disorders cut across generations and gender

In popular perception, eating disorders most commonly affect female adolescents and young women, but the mental illness’ victims are far more wide-ranging.

GHS’ MedTrans, doctor honored by EMS association

In rural Greenville and Upstate areas where a car crash victim might bleed out before reaching the nearest trauma center, there are rescuers on wings, swooping in to save lives. Pilots, paramedics, and nurses rescue hundreds of people each year with the Greenville Health System’s MedTrans helicopter and AirMed Regional fixed-wing medical plane EMS programs. The […]

Upgraded planetarium reopens at Roper Mountain Science Center

The stars are twinkling again at Greenville’s Roper Mountain Science Center.

Behind the screens

Heart disease has been considered a “man’s disease” for a long time when in fact it is the leading killer of both women and men. The difference (and the problem) lies with the fact that symptoms can vary greatly between men and women, and many people don’t realize it. While pressure or chest discomfort are […]

Clemson scientists discover 5 new galaxies powered by black holes

Scientists have identified five of the oldest and largest gamma-ray blazars yet known, a discovery that may unlock the mysteries of deep space.

GHS offers free, drive-thru flu shots

The flu is spreading among Upstate residents this winter, and the Greenville Health System is urging people to get their flu shots.

The 2016 Top 5: Science & Technology

Here are some of the institutions and people that shaped a year of innovation.

GHS asks children, sick visitors to not visit patients this holiday season

The Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital today put into effect a voluntary restriction for visitors under 18. That voluntary restriction affects only pediatric visitors for patients in the Children’s Hospital, not for patients at GHS’ other hospitals. “We needed to take this step because of increasing levels of respiratory viruses and influenza in our community,” […]

Children find bat sick with rabies near Greenville Zoo

State health officials say several children on Saturday, Oct. 1, handled a sick and rabid bat at the playground in front of the Greenville Zoo in Cleveland Park. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) asks that people seek immediate medical attention if they had any contact with the sick bat, which […]

Clemson creates an orthotic made on a 3D printer

Researchers at Clemson University, working with orthotic experts, have come up with a technological solution: they are developing a program that will create an orthotic with 3D printing technology. This new orthotic, which still is in the testing phase, can be custom fit in softness and use multiple materials.

Clemson scientists study innovative way to combat opiate addiction using nanotech and light-sensitive proteins

A Clemson University team received a $6 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to study the use of light to control brain cells, a strategy that could lead to untold neurological cures.

My day as a shooting victim: GHS and USCSOMG team up for trauma training

Much of being a doctor is so much more than understanding ailments and providing care. It’s also about the intense and intricate interpersonal relationships that have to be forged in the midst of medicine – during extreme emergencies and the juxtaposed mundane checkups.

Clemson research could create stable food source for astronauts

The astronauts that lift off for Mars in the distant future might just eat their leafy greens from a shipping container during the yearlong journey.

Tribe 513 represents evolution in Upstate health care

Their next risk is to open a downtown Greenville location for Brio at North Main and East North streets this month for young professionals and others who need a primary care doctor and would like the concierge model of service and convenience of walking there on their lunch break.

Spartanburg Regional’s administrative offices relocate to Beaumont Mill

The move follows a one-year, $34 million renovation of the 126-year-old mill that is part of the health system’s 10-year, $500 million master facilities plan aimed at improving the patient and visitor experience at Spartanburg Medical Center.