Russell Stall will run for City Council

Former Greenville Forward Executive Director Russell Stall said Wednesday he plans to run for the Greenville City Council seat now held by Gaye Sprague. Sprague announced Tuesday she would not seek re-election to one of the Council’s two at-large seats. She has held that office since 2009.

Gaye Sprague will not seek re-election to City Council

Greenville City Council woman Gay Sprague announced Tuesday that she will not seek re-election.

City wants to know where to put new trolleys

Greenlink wants to put two new trolleys on the street by next spring. Now the transit agency just needs to determine where they will go. Greenlink will host three public input sessions early next year. The first, at the Caine Halter YMCA on Cleveland Street, will take place Tuesday, Jan. 24, at 6:30 p.m. On […]

Greenville names new city planning director

Greenville finally has a new planning director after months of vacancy. His name Jay Graham and he’s anti-bureaucratic and red tape. In fact, Graham believes government should be an active part of the planning and construction process and not an independent, outside deterrent.

Lottie Gibson, longtime County Council member, dies

Gibson, who served for 24 years in the Greenville County Council, died Sunday, county officials confirmed.

New guidelines should give DRB more direction

Public will get first look at proposal in February

When it comes to planning, Greenville designs for people, not buildings, first

The new 55 E. Camperdown Way office building as originally proposed would have detracted from our river vista and removed for all time the trees that conspicuously form a natural green connection between people on Main Street and the park. It is the city’s desire to preserve this link by buying the site, enlarging the footprint of Falls Park and (in the words of Harriet Wyche) our “oasis in the heart of the city.”

Candidates for House District 22 and Greenville County Sheriff waging write-in campaigns

You won’t find the names of Paul Guy and Brett Brocato on the ballot, but they’re running for Greenville County sheriff and South Carolina House District 22, respectively, as write-in candidates.

The mayor eyes new source of funding to improve public projects

For an example of how a city can use Tax Increment Financing districts to encourage revitalization in certain areas, look no further than Greenville.

What do you mean County Square could become an industrial park?

County Square, the county’s government headquarters in an old mall on University Ridge that is adjacent to the West End and less than two miles from the heart of downtown, could become a multi-county industrial park. But that doesn’t mean a big industrial plant will go on the land that has drawn interest from national and local developers.

Proposed Greenville County sign ordinance creates burdensome regulations

The proudest, and scariest, moment for a new business is switching on the “open” sign and putting the sandwich board out on the street to let the world know you’re there. However, if you’re starting a business in Greenville County, you’re going to need a few new government permits for that, if the county Sign Ordinance Study Committee gets its way.

The Internet of Things is coming to Greenville — just not yet

The city of Greenville has reached an agreement with 20 other cities regarding the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a new buzz term that refers to the idea of equipping everyday objects with sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity so they can collect, send and receive data, thus “talking” to each other and to people. The objects that can be interconnected this way go far beyond computers and cell phones to include vehicles, buildings, factory machinery, jet engines, virtually anything.

City engineers oppose special permit for Chick-fil-A on Augusta Street

City of Greenville engineers have announced their opposition to a proposed — and very controversial — Chick-fil-A drive-thru on Augusta Street. The department of engineering is not in favor of granting the restaurant a special exception to the city’s zoning laws.

Greenville County Animal Care prepares to shelter animals as coastal evacuees arrive

Greenville County is preparing to house more than 400 animals that tag along with their owners as they evacuate the South Carolina coast, which is going to be impacted by Hurricane Matthew later this week.

Stakeholders give feedback on what Greenville’s downtown should look like

A lot has changed in Greenville since the city’s downtown design guidelines were written in 2000. Just like fashion that sometimes thankfully cycles out of popularity and something cooler takes it place, there are new trends in uses and aesthetics of downtown development.