Hue Horizons Better than Beige

Following a global career and a lifetime of living in other people’s often bland spaces, Len and Marlene Rubin’s custom-build in the Reserve at Lake Keowee brims with personality.

All Things Stored and Wonderful

A well-designed (and organized) pantry is well worth the effort.

Modern mountain lodge

An Upstate team of builders, architects, and decorators bring a beautiful blend of rustic and contemporary to this Mountain Park home.

Front Line Design

Intentional architecture showcases modern design in a vacation home’s kid rooms.

A Broad View

The greater the distance, the sweeter the homecoming.

Beyond the Books

Shelves styled three, sensible, space-based ways.

Grounds for Historic Vows

Caroline Hopkins and Andy Newton unite on The Hopkins Farm in southern Greenville County.

Beyond the Vine

Practice makes perfect: Hone your design style with a decorative, hanging garland this season.

Rooms to Roam

Two Greenville business owners, one dated farmhouse, and an incredible renovation story that’s captured the hearts of the Upstate and beyond.

Punch for a Bunch

Pitcher drinks. Batch cocktails. Signature sippers. A drink by any other name would be totally insufficient for your summer crowd.

Self Containment

Pump up your porch this season with playful plantings that bring beauty and bounty.

Challenge: Accepted

Dressed in bold color and eclectic furnishings, the home of Greenville style blogger Jenny Hall becomes an extension of her fashion sense.

Home Base

Jen and Alan Spilker hit it out of the park with a custom-built, in-town home that beautifully blends stylish interiors with a stately, outdoor living.

A Stone’s Throw

Using reclaimed materials and some DIY ingenuity, landscaper Joe Zawistowski reinvents the backyard pool as his own family oasis.