Alchemy Improv hosts ‘Local Legends’

On a Friday night in June, Erickson Bynum told a story from his childhood on the stage at Coffee Underground, and then joined the rest of the audience packed onto old church pews to watch the Alchemy Improv Comedy troupe interpret it. Sort of. What Bynum saw was Ben Burris playing the part of an […]

Lost in Yonkers’ offers audience more than a play

Families can be the biggest source of joy, but they can be the biggest source of frustration as well. “Family knows how to push your buttons,” said Anne Tromsness, director of education at the Warehouse Theatre. “When you see it played out in a Neil Simon play, it’s poignant and funny. But in real life, […]

Of footlights and comebacks

It was just a year ago that Centre Stage sent out a letter saying it needed an immediate cash infusion of $60,000 to stabilize it financially. Executive and artistic director Glenda ManWaring had already reduced employees’ hours to part-time, tracked down holders of the theater’s $120,000 in construction notes and got the theater’s landlord to […]

Two actors, 15 roles

Thomas Azar, one of the cast members in The Warehouse Theatre’s production of “Stones in His Pocket,” calls the play an actor’s play. Two actors – Azar and Jason Shipman – play 15 roles, ranging from an 8-year-old kid to a 70-something senior. Sometimes, the actors play different roles in the same scene, changing gender […]

High School of Horrors

Ahhh, the nightmare of high school. The bad prom date, the dressing down by the mean principal, the lunch ladies and a big heaping serving of who knows what, the in-school suspension that seems to drag on for eternity, the class clown. It’s baaaaack. Four sections of the old Woodmont High have been turned into […]

Exit stage right

Over the years, the Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg brought the legendary Glenn Miller Orchestra, cutting-edge political satirists Capital Steps and the Golden Dragons, a team of Chinese acrobats, to the Chapman Cultural Center. But it was a losing proposition financially. Last year’s CenterStage season lost $43,000, said Jennifer Evins, the Center’s president and development […]

All season long

If that’s not enough, “West Side Story,” the classic musical set in New York City that tells of the rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teenage street gangs of different ethnic backgrounds, puts an end to the 2010-11 season next month. “You can’t get a much stronger season,” Riegel said. The 2011-12 season […]

With grace and poise

“Giselle” is a poignant tale of love and loss. And never more so than for Carolina Ballet Theatre prima ballerina Anita Pacylowski-Justo. The Carolina Ballet’s April 9 production of “Giselle,” a romantic masterwork of the ballet world, was to be Pacylowski-Justo’s swan song, her farewell to the stage, a fitting end to a dancing career […]

What’s old, it’s new

When it comes to Shakespeare, Will Ragland isn’t afraid to try something different. Take, for instance, his Wildcat Players’ production of “Macbeth” a couple of years ago. It was set as a contemporary gothic horror that opened on Halloween. It was – and still is – the most popular production in the four-year-old Wildcat Players’ […]

Mike Gallagher, on stage

National syndicated conservative radio talk show host Mike Gallagher says being a conservative and having an appreciation for the arts is not mutually exclusive. He should know. Gallagher, a familiar face in the area’s theater scene in the early 1990s, is returning to Greenville to play one of the lead roles in Centre Stage’s production […]

Dream on, and on, and on

It will be “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” like Greenville – or anywhere else – has never seen before. In the early planning stages for the Warehouse Theatre’s production of the Shakespeare classic, somebody threw out the idea of having the mechanicals – the acting troupe that performs the play “Pyramus and Thisbe” during “Midsummer Night’s […]

Centre Stage

About three weeks into her new job as executive and artistic director at Centre Stage, Glenda ManWaring started receiving phone calls from creditors. Then auditors told her they were considering issuing a going-concern opinion, a warning they are required to give when they have substantial doubt about whether a company or entity can survive for […]

So much drama

Broadway has a distinctive Greenville feel this fall. Three graduates from the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities have roles in plays showing on New York’s Broadway. Teyonah Parris and Nichole Beharie are appearing in John Guare’s “A Free Man of Color” with Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Wright, while Liza […]

This play is a scream, really

Converse College’s Palmetto Players want to cash in on the growing popularity of Halloween. They’ll run a haunted house in the Cleveland Alumni House, a house across the street from the campus entrance that was built in 1906 and was owned by some of Spartanburg’s most prominent families. But this won’t be your typical haunted […]

It takes one to dance

Brandy White loved ballroom dancing. But there was one problem. Ballroom dancing takes two people and she didn’t have a partner as serious about it as she was. Then White discovered belly dancing. “As a solo artist, I could train for four hours while the husband was in the garage,” she said. Discovering belly dancing […]