Cartoon: Stegelin takes a look at protestors

This week, cartoonist Steve Stegelin sets his sights on the protests that have sprung up around the nation.

Bob Inglis: Unmasking the deceit over climate change

When it comes to climate-change-denying magic tricks, it is wise to remember the old adage, “Once revealed, never concealed.” That’s why — as “Merchants of Doubt” reaches more and more audiences — the hoaxsters are starting to have trouble duping conservatives.

Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott continue to get sassy on Twitter

Tim Scott has transformed from one of the Capitol’s most congenial senators to one of D.C.’s star Twitterverse sass masters.

Mark Sanford pulls Real ID ‘thorn,’ pens essay on Trump’s immigration ban.

You may recall hearing a few weeks ago that, starting in 2018, South Carolinians will no longer be able to use just their drivers licenses to board a plane. The reason: Our Palmetto State IDs don’t comply with the federal REAL ID law, one of a number of bills passed to make Americans safer following the 9/11 attacks, […]

Lindsey Graham says he’s ‘seeking asylum in Ecuador’ in response to Onion ‘scoop’

Even though Lindsey Graham isn’t shy about cracking a joke or making fun of himself, it was a pleasant surprise to see him not only comment an Onion story about him and Trump, but take it a step further with a humorous tweet.

What I’m for, what I’m against, and why I attended the Women’s March on Washington

Before I went to D.C., I had a few people ask me what I was protesting against, and, not wanting to seem “aggressive,” I said that it was more about marching “for” things, rather than protesting “against” things. And, for the most part, that is absolutely true.

Sen. William Timmons says Columbia ‘broken,’ votes against Leatherman

Today, freshman Sen. William Timmons (R-Greenville) took a stand against the good ole boys club at the Statehouse, voting against Hugh Leatherman as Senate president pro tempore.

Danny Ford for state Senate… stranger things have happened

You can put this in the who-would’ve-thunk-it file, but FITNews and the Anderson Independent-Mail are reporting that Danny Ford is considering running for Kevin Bryant’s state Senate seat.

Stumbling upon a revolution

No matter your gender, age or affinity group, the time may have come to put on your pussy hats.

Tim Scott: Building a better health-care system

Eight years ago, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated that we would have to pass the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in order to figure out what was in it. Thanks to that irresponsible logic, the American people were forced into a health-care system that is unable to keep the promises on which it was sold.

You say ‘tomato,’ but Grandpa saw a lesson in caring

The small, the broken and the lowly have intrinsic worth and beauty. We could throw them away, but we could care for them. And that kind of care could mend a broken world.

Lewis-Trump feud highlights the continuing transformation of Tim Scott

When Donald Trump’s time in office comes to an end four to eight years from now, it probably won’t be said that he made life easier for his fellow Republicans — at least not the men and women on Capitol Hill.

America is made great by those who remake it

Hope is engrained in the American way of life. It is that hope that led slaves to make that perilous journey in the darkness of night on an underground railroad to the light of freedom. It is that hope that led women to reach for the ballot.

What happens if Obamacare is repealed without a replacement?

Greenville County has 18,000 adults in the “Medicaid gap” with absolutely no options for health care coverage. These individuals are a significant portion of the nearly 4,000 patients annually who receive their health care at the Greenville Free Medical Clinic.

Lindsey Graham tells Trump to take US spies seriously

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) made a brief appearance during this morning’s Senate Armed Services Committee on Russia’s involvement in email hacks targeting the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential campaign.