Remembering Purple Heart Day

Community Journals Chairman, Douglas J. Greenlaw honors those who shed their blood on foreign ground in the defense of our wonderful country.                  

Op-Ed: Change the name of Wade Hampton High School

“I ask opponents to put themselves in the shoes of African-American students who attend a school whose name honors a heritage built on violence, terror, and the ownership of their ancestors.”

From the mountains to the sea

Eudora Welty says that our places define us. I wish I had said that.

Of Vassals and Valor

Life in the Slow Lane with Joan Herlong.

Together we can make Greenville healthier

The Healthy Greenville 2036 grant initiative will make Greenville County the No. 1 best place to live, work, and be healthy by 2036.

Tim Scott: Gorsuch is the right man to serve as Supreme Court Justice

“After our conversation, I walked away convinced that he has the right temperament to fill the ninth seat of the highest court in our nation.”

Out of the Blue

Steer clear of The Blue — the great petri dish in the sky that breeds utterances and outbursts that are so far out that listeners have no ready answer, let alone a clever riposte.

Tim Scott: The Investing in Opportunity Act will lift up those who’ve been left behind

With more than 50 million individuals living in distressed communities, we must do more to help those who cannot help themselves.

A salute to long-time sewer subdistrict leader M. Graham Proffit

Now, after 48 years of service to the Commission he helped to create, M. Graham Proffitt, III is retiring from the Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict Commission. It has been an honor to serve beside him.

Bob Inglis: Unmasking the deceit over climate change

When it comes to climate-change-denying magic tricks, it is wise to remember the old adage, “Once revealed, never concealed.” That’s why — as “Merchants of Doubt” reaches more and more audiences — the hoaxsters are starting to have trouble duping conservatives.

What I’m for, what I’m against, and why I attended the Women’s March on Washington

Before I went to D.C., I had a few people ask me what I was protesting against, and, not wanting to seem “aggressive,” I said that it was more about marching “for” things, rather than protesting “against” things. And, for the most part, that is absolutely true.

Tim Scott: Building a better health-care system

Eight years ago, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated that we would have to pass the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, in order to figure out what was in it. Thanks to that irresponsible logic, the American people were forced into a health-care system that is unable to keep the promises on which it was sold.