OPINION: Read to Succeed Poised to Fail Students

Decades of new standards and reading textbooks and programs have utterly failed children and literacy.

CARTOON: Streetlight wi-fi is for the birds

Cartoonist Steve Stegelin illustrates Greenville’s newest potential downtown addition.

POLL: If you saw Bigfoot on the side of the road, what would you do?

Each week, we ask our readers their opinion on hot button issues.

Customers shouldn’t bear the brunt of costs for failed projects like VC Summer Nuclear Station

$9 billion has been spent on the abandoned nuclear power plant, and 5,100 are now out of a job. How did this happen and what can we do to stop it from happening again?

OPINION: The VC Summer nuclear debacle matters to the Upstate, too

We have the opportunity right now to make positive change, to raise a phoenix out of this incredible nuclear dumpster fire.

Remembering Purple Heart Day

Community Journals Chairman, Douglas J. Greenlaw honors those who shed their blood on foreign ground in the defense of our wonderful country.                  

Cartoon: Furman University bear sightings

This week, cartoonist Steve Stegelin pokes fun at the Solar Eclipse and the Furman University bear sightings.

CARTOON: Clemson saves the tigers

This week, cartoonist Steve Stegelin illustrates Clemson University’s efforts to save the tigers.

OPINION: The lessons I’ve learned from John McCain

In this tumultuous time in our country, the ideals and values McCain embodies are needed now more than ever.

Cartoon: Reedy River Clean-Up

This week, cartoonist Steve Stegelin illustrates the dangers of the Reedy River.

What does the closing of American Grocery mean to Greenville’s food scene?

A shockwave recently went through the Greenville restaurant community, and at its epicenter was the closing of downtown gastronomic stalwart American Grocery Restaurant.

Cartoon: Voting Data

This week, cartoonist Steve Stegelin takes on voting data.

Investing in Neighborhood Parks is Critical

Parks — like cities, businesses, institutions, and all of us — must evolve.

My Fellow Millennials…

…we need to talk about the true meaning of affordable housing.