OPINION: Serious legal issues cloud the future of GHS

I am not against such a partnership. I am also not against empowering GHS to have the legal authority to enter into this partnership. However, I believe GHS currently does not have the ability to legally enter into a contract of this nature.

OPINION: GHS, Palmetto partnership is a win-win

From where I sit — first and foremost as a patient, and second, as someone who regularly hears about the impacts of health care on our business community — I see this partnership as a win-win for the Upstate and Midlands communities.

Stop the Anger

We — as Americans, as a society, as rational adults — must address the anger in this country.

Business community wins big(ly) at the State House

This year legislators tackled some of our state’s biggest issues, which included big wins for Upstate businesses.

Inglis: The dialogue that could bring America together on climate change

Climate change deniers haven’t been disputing the science. They’ve been disputing the solutions.

Op-Ed: Change the name of Wade Hampton High School

“I ask opponents to put themselves in the shoes of African-American students who attend a school whose name honors a heritage built on violence, terror, and the ownership of their ancestors.”

Lessons from Saint Junior

He was one of the best friends I ever had. He walked a humble, loving path. I hope to walk it, too.

Cartoon: Student Loans

This week, cartoonist Steve Stegelin illustrates student loan debt