When you’re a puppy (or kid if you’re of the human persuasion) you dream of being a superhero. You hope that one day someone will say “thank you for saving my life,” and then you’ll ride off into the sunset because “it’s all in a day’s work.” I have some news for you. It’s possible to be a hero EVERY DAY at Animal Care. There are so many ways to save lives. Whether you adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, spay or neuter your pets, or even spread the word about adopting from Animal Care, Greenville County’s only open admission shelter, each of those actions will make a life-saving impact for homeless pets. If you’ve never been to the shelter for a visit, come by any time and learn how they’re taking steps to build a NO KILL community. It’s 2018, a time for less talk and more walk! Together, we can save them all.

Lucille, Ruff Reporter

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