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Most people can imagine that designers’ days are filled with the fun stuff – meeting with clients over color selections, samples, swatches sketches, drawings, etc. This is definitely part of the job, but what folks never see is that most of our time is actually spent estimating and crunching numbers. Reality is that everyone has a budget and so we take utmost care to manage those dollar parameters as best we can for our clients.

Forest KitchenRelated to budget, I recently learned something my gut was already telling me was true. Data from the Research Institute of Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence (RICKI) show that a large minority of homeowners REGRET NOT SPENDING MORE on their kitchen remodels! You read that correctly. RICKI recently documented that 47% of homeowners who made a kitchen improvement reported that they would have spent more if they had it to do again.

Exploring deeper, appliances and cabinetry were the top two purchases that homeowners regretted not spending more on. These two products affect daily life for a long time – longer than the life of a car. Would you buy a $50K car and opt out of power windows in order to save money? We think the same analogy applies in regard to fit and finish of your cabinetry, and the reliability and aesthetics of your appliances. It’s your home – make the purchase count for decades.

Forest Kitchen

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