Photography by Jack Robert Photography

The most important part of business at the law firm of Christophillis & Gallivan is relationships. Focusing on family law, the firm has created relationships with other lawyers, the family court, and families in the Upstate since 2013. And perhaps the most important relationship to the business’s success is the friendship between Jessica Christophillis and Amanda Gallivan.

Jessica and Amanda, both business students at the University of South Carolina, became quick friends at the university’s law school their first year. After graduating in 2008, they went their separate ways, gaining important experience as attorneys. In 2013, looking for a new challenge, Jessica and Amanda decided to bet on themselves and start their own law practice.

“We had confidence in our work ethic, our friendship, and our business acumen,” Christophillis says. “When we started, it was just the two of us, with no staff for that first year. We took out the trash and served as our own paralegals. That’s something we’re really proud of—building our practice from the ground up.”

Since then, the two have built Christophillis & Gallivan into a familiar firm in the Upstate and the family courts of Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, and surrounding areas. They’ve built a firm that now employs seven people, all female, all of whom are parents with children of their own. The firm helps families traverse difficult legal cases that involve divorce, separation, child custody, and guardianship situations. Gallivan says the reason they do it is simple: “We both enjoy being in the courtroom, but our priority is to help people through a very tough process.”

Jessica says that Christophillis & Gallivan wants to help the whole family, noting that they serve both male and female clients – moms and dads, husbands and wives. “When we work with clients, we want people to feel repaired—not broken.”

Building relationships with clients is one of the things that has made the firm so successful. “We’ve been able to develop a sense of community and pride in our efforts over the last six years in this practice,” Jessica says. Amanda says that their important relationships extend beyond their office and clients to their professional relationships with other attorneys and professionals in the family law arena.

The female attorneys feel at home in the Upstate after living here with their husbands for over ten years now. Away from the office, Jessica is raising twin boys, and Amanda is raising three children as well. They both enjoy travelling, but the Upstate has their hearts. “It’s truly a special place for a family. We love the people and the community.”

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