Photography by Mark Susko Visual Design

There are some people who simply have a natural talent for a few of the most unique crafts. Stephen Smith and his unique craft of designing luxurious outdoor settings is of no exception. He is a father, and grandfather, a biker, a church volunteer, an Upstate native, an artist, a craftsman, and an utter visionary. Beginning his career after designing his first outdoor living space in his early twenties, he has continued to cultivate his natural talent of envisioning and designing custom pools and outdoor living space for the last thirty years.

Atlantis Luxury Pools has been in the business of conceiving and creating the highest of the high-end personal paradises for residents all over the Upstate. Beginning with an individual consultation, Stephen and his crew design a custom-built outdoor area for their clients that fits solely their style, tastes, and needs. Because of this particular attention to each customer, one will not be able to spot “an Atlantis Pools design” as if there is some style replicated time and time again. What one may notice, however, is a pattern of high-quality craftsmanship where no detail is left overlooked. Only then would the resident proudly boast that he went to Atlantis for his outdoor design needs.

Stephen understands that he is in a niche market, and that his services are not what everyone is looking for when they first flip to “pool services” in the yellow pages. He is not a pool cleaner or one to come over and install a diving board in the backyard one afternoon. His projects tend to start around $100K and move upward. He does, on the other hand, work tirelessly to ensure that his customers’ dreams come to an ultimate reality and that each aspect of their personal vision is accented in the finished product.

For those interested in his services, scrolling through the photo galleries on his website provides scene after scene of breathtaking views that are thoroughly augmented by his work. From there, one can see that he does not only specialize in pools, but creates an entire atmosphere around it. From fire features to landscaping and on to outdoor kitchen structures, his work truly speaks for itself.

Diving in to this specialization has been rewarding on both sides, admittedly. Stephen says that hearing his customer’s satisfaction is his favorite part of each project. Planning well upfront, transparently providing every monetary and practical detail that the customer needs, accuracy, and attention to detail all are a part of the recipe for his success. When each project is finished, he can rest well knowing that he and his crew and have surpassed expectations.

Such personal paradises are not something easily obtained by stopping by one store or another. They take time, impeccable attention to detail, and superior customer service that guarantees the process goes as smoothly as possible. Stephen Smith ensures this sort of experience as evidenced by his decades of service. By transforming outdoor areas into luxurious resting spaces, he has contributed to furthering the beauty of our area.

Indeed, there are some who have incredible natural talents. In most of these cases, the works will speak for themselves. Stephen’s is of no exception, and as his spaces speak for themselves, they leave one speechless.

120 Johns Rd., Greer | 864.346.6955