Photography by Mark Susko Visual Design

Sports teaches an array of values: responsibility, teamwork, trust, and determination, to name a few. They teach us essentially that individual effort, while extremely important, is not the only element that renders success. That effort, aided by others and guided by a coach-like figure, leads all involved to a goal.

This was a central notion for Andrew Plunkett as he began a realty career in the Commercial Division at C. Dan Joyner. Born and raised in Memphis, TN, he attended the University of Tennessee, eventually transferring to North Greenville to finish his studies. He had played baseball his whole life, and even played at both universities.

After falling in love with the Greenville area, he decided to settle here. “It’s such a friendly place,” he says, “It’s great to be in a location between bigger cities but living somewhere that hasn’t overgrown itself.” While many of his friends went back to their respective homes after college, Andrew already felt at home in the welcoming atmosphere that Upstate South Carolina had provided.

Launching a new career can be tough. While networking at events and using social media or other new platforms to grow his base, Plunkett couldn’t help but notice the similarities in the workforce and what he had gleaned throughout so many years from being on a team.

“There’s going to be growing pangs, but no matter what shape adversity comes in, you always have to face it with confidence. Remind yourself why you do what you do. There’s an emotional basis here: the way you perform will be how you feel about it all.” Andrew goes on to note how if there’s stress from one side, the client will pick it up as well. It’s always best to go forward confidently and competently.

Because of his team mentality, he’s too honest to take all the credit for his initial success. “My partner Brian Culbertson is fantastic. He’s a part of this experienced team that I’ve learned a lot from. Matt Carter, the broker-in-charge, has been a big help. Having someone guide you along the way helps you recognize that you are not alone during the process of starting a new career.”

Baseball has been an influential part of Andrew’s life. It’s taught him the value of teamwork, of hard work, and given him the drive to take care of business owners around the Upstate. Greenville is more than able to nourish these values, and it’s one of the many reasons we’re proud to be called home by those who live likewise.

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