Photography by: Bonfire Visuals

Storms are tough. Proverbial storms can be tougher. In some cases, such as for a new insurance agent, it can be the toughest. It isn’t uncommon for a new agency to be unsuccessful. In fact, some estimates place the failure rate close to 90 percent! There are, however, the exceptions: the bits of sun that shine through the cloudy sections of sky. At any given point, there are roughly 1000-1200 new State Farm agencies across the country and just this past year, Greenville was home to the 36th in the nation for new agencies.

Adam Peterson was introduced in last year’s Behind the Counter. A second-generation insurance agent, PC alumni, and fiancé to a fellow South Carolinian, Adam has made a name for himself over the last year and a half in the Greenville’s insurance scene.

Growing up in the business and possessing a natural passion for helping others, there’s a wide variety of assistance with which Adam helps the upstate’s residents. Most people may not realize that State Farm has a bank, that it can provide not only automobile insurance but life, health, homeowners, etc. As more people move to Greenville from out-of-state, he can easily help with state transfers and relocation services. What’s more, he’s quite pro-active in caring for his clients, not settling to be a mere faceless name behind a billing statement. He wants his clients to know they are taken care of by someone they know and trust.

“People don’t tend to think of their insurance as a savings tools,” he explains, “so we try to advocate for our clients in more helpful ways than just one. Of course we’re there when they need us making a claim, but we see other moments as times of need. Educating everyone so that they thoroughly know what they’re paying for, that they’re getting all the discounts they qualify for, and any other way we can have that human connection is important.”

Life can occasionally be a little dark and stormy. Situations toss us blindly into trouble we didn’t see lurking behind us. The last thing we want during these times is to be left out in the rain. Having someone with an unchanged mission of advocating for his clients, coupled with a personal, local, and altogether human approach to the business makes Greenville proud to have Adam Peterson call it home to shine his light.

517 S. Pleasantburg Dr. Ste C, Greenville | 864.605.7733