Photography by Jack Robert Photography

At A.T. LOCKE, the only direction is forward. The accounting management company leads clients to a better future through mastery of financial data along with the strategic planning that brings relevance to that data.

“It’s not just numbers on a page,” says founder and president Anna Locke. “We want to align with each client’s vision for their future and communicate with them for maximum impact. Each client’s vision is different, so forward in their definition is unique.”

Locke founded the company in 2008 to offer accounting management services that help businesses grow. More than just a team of skilled analysts, the accounting management experts take the time to identify and fill gaps in financial data to help solve problems and make progress toward goals.

The beauty of the custom approach is that A.T. LOCKE can offer everything from basic reporting to full CFO-level analysis, depending on each client’s needs.

“When we join forces with a client, we join with their mission, vision, and especially with non-profits, our first job is painting a picture of their financial sustainability,” Locke said. “With family-owned businesses, we are trusted enough to be brought into family dynamics. Our work demonstrates that we want the company to succeed.”

And best of all, the years of expertise, the planning, the detailed reporting and decision-making guidance all come at a fraction of the cost of a full-time accounting department.

After years as an accountant working on audits and taxes, Anna saw a need in the business community and in herself. She knew her company could go beyond just expertise with numbers; the company could use those numbers to tell the story of where an organization is – and where it can go. She also knew that she could not do it alone.

She built a team that works to build long-lasting relationships with clients, offering companies and individuals what they need in accounting, when they need it. Clients get access to all of the company’s resources when they hire A.T. LOCKE.

After passing the milestone of a decade in business last year, Anna is refining her own company’s goals and preparing for the future, just as she does for clients. “We as a company are demonstrating what we advise our clients to do,” she said. “We’re refining our focus on the future, our impact and forward progress.”

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