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GVLtoday was created to educate and activate our community and our advertising partners’ customers.

For our audience we do this daily, meeting them where they are via our 6AM morning email, website and social media platforms with the information and conversations they need to know to start their day. We like to say we are a community driven conversation, focusing on the positive momentum that is happening where our readers live, and by making sure they know exactly where they can invest their time, talent, and treasure to participate locally.

We talk with, not at our audience like the real people they are, in a conversational tone, like you would speak to a friend over a cup of coffee or a cold beverage at the bar. Our readers seem to love this approach.

The environment we have created allows our audience to actively participate in these conversations. Each and every day we receive hundreds of messages from people in this community that are doing great things, or with questions they want answered. We do our best to package and distribute these conversations to our engaged audience daily. This is no small task, because we are fortunate that there is a lot of good going on in Greenville!

We designed the product to be collaborative with local content creators with the mission to highlight their creative contributions to drive awareness to the stories and events they want the community to know.

For our advertising partners, we bring them into the conversation via branding and integrated custom content. Our platforms support their desire to participate with the most relevant conversations and position their brand front and center with our local, social, and vocal audience. For many of our partners we are also able to serve as a distribution partner,  complementing and amplifying their own content strategies. Our advertising partners seem to like this approach as well.

GVLtoday is just three years young and delivered to over 50,000 email subscribers daily and growing.

Our lead GVLtoday producers Heather Long and Kendal Henderson create the GVLtoday product each day and are supported by our entire 6AM City staff. The best way to share your news, events, and questions with our team is to shoot us an email at

In 2017, GVLtoday’s parent company 6AM City was created as a product innovation of Community Journals, to meet both reader and advertiser demand. The brand has been designed to scale our digital publishing model into similar high growth cities. 6AM City currently publishes products in Greenville, S.C. (GVLtoday); Columbia, S.C. (COLAtoday); Charleston, S.C. (CHStoday); Asheville, N.C. (AVLtoday); Chattanooga, T.N. (NOOGAtoday); and Lakeland, F.L. (LALtoday) with a combined audience over 190,000 subscribers.

If you are a local business looking to get in on the action, we have designed a number of ways to participate based on price point and marketing objectives. For more information on these opportunities email us at

If you are not signed up, what are you waiting for? Head on over to We look forward to seeing you at 6:00 a.m. every Monday – Friday!

Pictured (left to right) – Ryan Johnston, Logan Brown, Keaton Wylie, Emily Herron, Kendall Henderson, Heather Long, Ryan Heafy

Not pictured – Chloe Rodgers, Mary Willson, Nicole Trimble

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