Photography by: Monica Parkkonen Photography.

If you walk into Genco Pools, you might have already seen some of their work across the communities of the Upstate and the Southeast. You may have taken a swim in a local community pool that Genco maintains, lounged by a hotel pool built by the 35-year-old company, or started dreaming of how to put that dream pool in your backyard. However, when you walk into Genco Pools, you’re going to find more than pool experts; you’re going to find a family.

The first person you’re likely to meet at Genco is Brandon Parrott, the service desk manager who has been at the company for 17 years. In that time, he’s seen the company grow from a small local business to an expansive one.

If you called Genco Pools, you might reach Lori Kellett, the human resources manager who started at the company 18 years ago as a lifeguard and has worked her way through the company. “Genco has a great family atmosphere,” Kellett says, noting that customers appreciate seeing the same faces working on their pools year after year. She’s proud of the dreams the company can help come true. “Genco Pools can do just about anything. You name it, we can make it happen!”

Once you’ve decided on Genco, you’ll run into Todd Edwards, who has been with the company for five years and serves as director of sales. He spent five years in the Marine Corps before choosing sales and working to improve the customer experience. With more than two decades in sales, when he says Genco is “the pool company in the Upstate,” he knows what he’s talking about. He’s committed to getting customers exactly what they want and can provide customization for almost any project. “With all the new technology in development, it feels that the pool of today will be different from the pool of tomorrow.”

One of the people keeping Genco on the cutting edge of pool technology is Vivi Henao Holcombe. You might not run into this 18-year employee the company calls a “mission control specialist,” but you can rest assured she is behind the scenes making sure your pool and spa buying, updating, or maintaining experience meets expectations.

When it’s time to build your pool or spa, lifelong Greenville native Josh Laughlin is likely to make your yard into a summer oasis. As the construction foreman, he brings 19 years of experience to building your project. You’re also likely to meet Doug Smith, the construction manager who prefers to meet clients in person to better understand their specific building needs. He’s been at Genco for 18 years and has managed to bring his son into the business as well.

Once Smith builds the pool, Dougie Smith can cover its service. He recently joined the company as assistant general manager after a stint in the Marine Corps. He works for Upstate Pool Management, a division of Genco that leads the Upstate as the largest commercial swimming pool service company. Rick Pinoni has recently been added to the team from Florida as service manager and is excited about his new opportunities working and living in Greenville.

When it’s time to deal with the finances, Amber Boehm gets the call. She’s been with the company for four years and says, “Genco is one big family. We create what our clients dream of and turn it into reality.”

And that family is built on the work of Dan Ball, the owner who started the company in 1983. He was a lifeguard at Fort Jackson at the age of 15 and that passion led him to building one of the most comprehensive pool companies in the Southeast.

So when you choose Genco Pools, you know you’re putting your project in the hands of an experienced an caring team—some even call them family.

Photography by: Monica       Parkkonen Photography

1217 NE Main St., Simpsonville | 864.967.POOL