Photography by: Gary Bagley.

    “People come in everyday and tell me stories about C. Dan Joyner, even before they know I’m his grandson,” says Alex Crigler. “He put almost 50 years into growing this business, and building on that legacy is the driving force behind me coming in here everyday.”

    Alex is broker-in-charge for C. Dan Joyner Property Management, a position he has held for nearly six years. In that time this branch of the family business has continued to grow, last year accumulating 10 homeowners associations and more than 100 singlefamily homes.

    Alex always assumed he’d end up in real estate, and joined the commercial office right out of college. But when working a straight commission job in the midst of an economic downturn didn’t prove as lucrative as he’d hoped, he left to seek his fortune in the corporate world.

    “After about five years in that job, we were just about to have our second child and I realized I hadn’t seen my one-year-old son awake in about five days.”

    As he watched his grandfather’s health decline at the same time Alex began to realize that working alongside his family was where he belonged.

    “I ran back as fast as I ran away, and that’s what landed me here,” Alex says.

    Alex and his wife, Ellis, an agent in the Augusta Road office, now have three children: six-year-old Bo, Mary Ellis, 4, and baby sister Reed. Family life keeps him on his toes, but he still finds time to give back. Having been heavily involved with the YMCA of Greenville over the years, Alex was recently chosen to serve on its Metro Board of Directors.

    “The mission of the Y goes hand in hand with what we do here – property management is often a stepping stone to the American dream of homeownership, just like getting in the gym is many times the first step in achieving goals related to health and fitness,” Alex says. “The Y is a place I use constantly and it’s part of who I am and how I’ve developed – it’s where I played sports first and where my children played sports first. To be able to help provide that experience for others has been very fulfilling.”

    Photography by: Gary Bagley

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