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    In the early ’80s, Camden, SC, was home to one large manufacturer, plenteous horses, and the Bronson family. Three and a half decades later, in August of 2017, one Kevin Bronson jumped into a full-time position as a business coach amidst the thriving Upstate.

    Having nearly 20 years of experience as a public servant across the state of South Carolina, he calls the Upstate home along with his wife Bette, his twelve-year-old son, and ten-year-old daughter. A Clemson graduate, music-lover, runner, biker, avid reader of all genres, volunteer in Rotary Clubs and local non-profits, and even part-time writer, Kevin has become a sort of Renaissance man while managing his growing firm, Bronson & Associates.

    Whether it comes to meeting personal expectations at work or taking a business to the next level of visibility, Bronson & Associates has become a reliable tool as Greenville stays the course on its record-breaking economic growth.

    Executive coaching has experienced growth in popularity over the past fifteen years, and serves as a one-on-one “thought partner” for businesses or individuals involved in them. “There’s usually a disconnect between how we see ourselves and where we want to be. It’s my passion to see these two link,” he explains. “While you can make it from point A to point B on your own, our services help to get you there quicker, strategically, and much more efficiently.”

    There is no life so perfectly ordered that we truly “leave work at work.” There’s always a “spillover,” as Kevin explains, between our personal and professional selves. Coaching was not only more fun for him, but even proved more effective than managing, easily revealing what makes him so passionate about what he does.

    Though he has been trained in Harvard seminars and values connecting growth-oriented individuals to success, Bronson never forgets his roots and surrounding culture. In the midst of conversation, he describes himself as a “simple South Carolina guy.” This angle may be the most telling of him, given his CV. It’s what helps explain why he (along with surely the readers of Behind the Counter) believes that we live in a place that has become a paradigm of Southern living. As the Upstate continues to swell, the character of her people remain unmoved.

    There is certainly more than one manufacturer around Kevin Bronson, and undoubtedly less horses. But after a talk with him, you would never realize it.

    1 North Main St.,
    Greenville, SC


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